Peace Be Unto You

12 Jan

January 11, 2015

We can begin to see that the USA is the biggest wolf in sheep’s clothing of all. Somehow they tricked everyone into thinking they were doing only good things and somehow convinced everybody that they were “helping” everyone out.

When i finally understood that being saved is a choice we make, free salvation that God provided to us, then i felt bad for yelling at my brethrens and calling them names. I just wanted them to understand how important it is. What i should have been saying to them is that God is coming back to Earth, to receive us! And so we need to get ourselves cleansed up from our sins, and then we can meet God with open arms and no shame in our hearts! And God will be very proud of us and take us to Heaven! And then we will find out what True Happiness is! All we have to do is follow Jesus directions in the New Testament, and keep God’s commandments. It’s an opportunity to live in Heaven, and to avoid disaster in hell. Without God coming here to tell us all this, we would all be lost. But since God did tell us this, we all have a chance to save ourselves.

Now i can look at the people all around me, and i can see that they are the children of God. I can see it. But, many people don’t even know it! And some people even deny it, saying that God is not their Heavenly FAther, and they have no Heavenly Mother! Fortunately i am here to tell them that God is real, and we all have a chance to go to Heaven. And the sad thing is, when people deny God, they deny themselves Heaven, and their own Heavenly Parents. So i don’t want to call people names and yell at them, i want to tell them how important it is to make the right decisions about God and teach them properly. Jesus tells us that whosoever denies Him, He will also deny before His Father. So if we deny God, we deny ourselves! And so we want to encourage people not to make that mistake, and not to feel bad, because we have all been deceived. But rather, to feel thankful that we were all given a very generous opportunity to get out of hell free, and go to Heaven instead. Blessed are the people who’s eyes see!

I read in the book by Mother Teresa that after a time, she came to see Jesus in everyone, even in the dying and destitutes she cared for. She even said she saw Jesus in the drunks, who were mean and abusive to her. I didn’t really know what she meant by seeing Jesus in those folks. But now i begin to understand. Because when i see people, i don’t see Jesus in them, but what i see is that they are the children of God. It’s easily recognizable, to me. These are all God’s children. So i don’t see Jesus in people, but i see that the people are the children of God. Even though many don’t even know it, and some even deny it. Somehow, people lost track, and got led astray. But God is coming back to save those that recognize His voice, and follow Him.

If people have difficulty believing if Jesus is God, or they may wonder if God’s Word is True, then they can pray to God to help them learn. They can do the same thing i did, which was what my Heavenly Mother taught me, to pray for peace of mind and understanding, because these are not selfish things to ask for.


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