Let Them Eat Cake

11 Jan

January 10, 2015

Before i mentioned that i don’t believe it is a good idea to farm out our government jobs and positions to foreigners! I believe only 100% Americans should hold government positions. Scripture even tells us, Jesus told us that man cannot serve two masters. You can’t be 100% loyal to either country if you are dual or tri, or quad citizenship! It’s just a bad idea. That’s what i think.

I also mentioned before how our society today is becoming less civilized. HOw barbaric have we become, when we butcher infants, and babies, and fetuses, then chop up and sell the parts to make ourselves a profit? When roaming bands of savages roam the country lawlessly, raping and pillaging wherever they want to go, and no one to stop them? People have become pretty depraved. Sometimes i am ashamed to be an American, and lately i have almost started being ashamed to being part of the human race.

Somebody made a good point and said that if our homeland is not secure and we get attacked, then we need to fire every single federal employee charged with keeping the homeland secure. I feel the same way about the economy. If the economy crashes, kill it. Leave it dead. Don’t restart it, because it obviously failed. INstead, round up the scoundrels and thieves who are attempting to plunder everything from Americans, and fix the system. I also read where it was stated that a country’s economy is more important than it’s military. That’s a good point also, because a country can survive without a military. And so, having a strong economy is a matter of vital national security. That having been said, it would be of great national interest to have an emergency plan in place in case the economy does router itself into the ground. Because of the carelessness of Americans, now the whole entire world is put in jeopardy, because of the possibility of the economy crashing. Oh my! Cern turned the power up more, nerdly! Oh my, the economy is falling! Now we can begin to see, the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.

And that’s because, if the stock market goes down in a big flush, that’s just the stock market. The food doesn’t magically disappear. Gasoline doesn’t evaporate into thin air. No. The jobs don’t disappear. People still have to wait two weeks to get paid. The only thing that changed was the stock market, and then the only problem you will have is when people panic! And that’s what the bankers are counting on. The people have only need to be afraid of fear, afraid of panic. And if the government had some kind of plan in place, such as stockpiling cash for just such an event, or something, then the people wouldn’t panic. And if the economy crashes, stick a fork in it, and make a new one. ONe that works for everyone.

Oh my, that guy made a video selfie of himself! I was thinking about the Scripture that says if your hand offends thee, chop it off! because it is better to enter Heaven maimed, with only one hand, than to enter hell with both hands. And i thought, what about people who’s minds won’t think right? Does that mean if people can’t think, and they can’t figure things out, then they are better off to cut off their heads and cast it from them? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I think Jesus was speaking figuratively, not literally.


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