The Coming “Fake” Massacre At Malheur

8 Jan

January 07, 2015

I can see it now,  a staged “psyop” in this remote location, with no witnesses, except the same guys from Sandy Hoax. A massacre that requires government gun grab. Can you spell gun grab? In fact, i read that crisis actors have already been spotted at Malheur. I bet they make a real good movie, and then after that, they will have to declare a gun grab.  Oh my! The nation is riveted on these ‘patriots’?

The problem is, you see, that we are no longer blind to their schemes. The whole “shooting drill going live” routine is getting old, and getting noticed. So now, they have to try and cover their schemes a little more, without declaring a “drill”, because now we know, that would be a dead give a way.

And because people are waking up to their schemes, we will probably see a ramped up schedule of events, such as gun grabs and forced vaccinations, as we already have seen in California.  But Americans are very sure of one thing, and that is that no one could ever deceive them.  They are way too smart to get fooled by anybody.


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