8 Jan

January 08, 2015

Everything from NASA is fake. They don’t have anything in outer space. It’s impossible. But we went over all that before. So people who still continue to spread NASA lies and deceipt and call it “science” i can only conclude are disinformation shills. People who continue to call NASA “science” and spread their lies and BS and pass it off as science.

I am nearly convinced there is something in the water or something that is making people really stupid. I suspect it may be fluoride, and i’m calling the effects of it flouretardation. A lot of people seem to have been infected by it.

Meanwhile, what about justice for the three thousand victims of 911? How quickly that gets pushed aside, for things such as false flags. I also begin to see how they operate by pushing one tragedy right after another, so that you can’t dwell on a tragedy, and figure anything out, before there is already a nother one. This is a distraction technique, and takes the focus off of what they don’t want us to see.  It’s kind of like a “push” program, where one tragedy pushes the previous one out of place.

After looking at pictures of Jews sucking on little kids, and other blasphemous things they do, i begin to understand just why God says He knows their blasphemy . To do the things they do, and then to call themselves Jews, that is also blasphemy. And so i s telling lies, and spreading disinformation.


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