I Hear Banjo Music

6 Jan

January 05, 2015

The Bible is very clear that the only way to Heaven is by keeping God’s commandments. There are no shortcuts, and there are no alternate routes. All other ways lead to condemnation. Let no man deceive you and make you think you can still go to Heaven without keeping God’s commandments, because they are leading you straight into hell. And how can a person who leads others into hell be saved themselves? How can they cause others to perish, and yet, they themselves  be saved?

The other day i read a story wherein a law enforcement officer made a statement to the effect that if he ever said that he was going to investigate Israeli’s, he might as well have to clean his desk out. What in the world? He might as well clean out his desk. Because what is he doing at his desk, if he’s not investigating crimes, and prosecuting murderers and such? Just drawing a paycheck? He might as well turn in his badge if he’s just going to let criminals get away with murder. Have to clean out his desk. He must have taken an oath to protect and serve himself, because that sure looks like what he did.

Speaking of law breakers and such, i read some more information about those Bundy kinfolks who came to Oregon and started committing felonies. Turns out, they were already down in Josephine county, and they are well known terrorists in Oregon, already. These are not nice folks. But now they crossed the line, and they can’t go back. Now they can only look forward to their domestic terrorism sentencing on their massive failure. They didn’t seem to have a very good plan, because where they are, they are completely isolated, and surrounded. There is no way in, or out, without law enforcement escort. I guess people who don’t pay their range fees in Texas don’t obey the laws in Oregon, either.





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