The Law Of Decreasing Money

3 Jan

January 02, 2015

St. Matthew Chapter 10

30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

I thought about this, and i realized that God is a very fine Craftsman.

I also thought about how people want to believe whatever they want. And they do. People can believe whatever they want. But the only way to Heaven is explained in the Holy Bible. God’s Word is very clear. You must obey God’s commandments to enter Heaven. So of course people are free to believe whatever they like, but they need to understand that they will never get to Heaven, unless they follow God’s directions. God didn’t give us His commandments to force us to obey them. He gave them to us so if we wanted, we could choose to obey them, and we could choose to go to Heaven, instead of being destined to hell for eternity. But it’s a free choice for everyone to make. And God gave us His Word, so that we are fully informed, and we can make the right decision. So of course, people can believe whatever they want, but we just don’t want them to fool themselves into thinking that they will somehow still be able to enter Heaven without following God’s commandments. That will never happen. That’s impossible. God tells us, in His Word. Those people who believe that will be wailing and gnashing their teeth.

I remember the Scripture that says to him that is holy, nothing is unclean, but to him that is defiled, there is nothing that is clean. I understand why that is true, because to me, i understand nothing is evil unto itself. Evil only comes out of people. And i understand why to some people nothing is clean, or holy. And that is, because they don’t believe. They don’t know. They don’t believe anything can be holy, or they think it is a fake, and is not real, or else that it is evil. And that’s because they don’t know. Yet. I used to be the same way. After God spoke to me, i believed in God a lot more, that’s for sure.

I had a strange thought about some people who set this little baby down, and then they said “Come here little baby!” and they held out their hands to the little baby. But instead of the baby going to them, the little baby started cussing and said “You’re not my mom and dad!” and instead, he went away from the people.

I had another strange thoughtlet, too. I read that top government officials had prior knowledge to the Pearl Harbor attacks, and yet they allowed Japan to sink our west coast fleet. I thought about those people who allowed Pearl Harbor to happen, and i realized, it was the same people who allowed the atomic bombs to be dropped on Japan. It was like they said, Go ahead and attack Pearl Harbor, we’ll let you. And then after they did, they nuked them.

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