7 Foot Tall Catfish

30 Dec

December 29, 2015

Now some people might say that i am radical in my teachings, and that i am more strict than even certain churches who were strict in their doctrines. And they might say i go against all their modern day traditions. Did the people think i was going to tell them they can do anything they want, and still go to Heaven? Of course not. All i am doing is quoting directly from Scripture. If the people knew their Scripture, they would know that. And Scripture does not teach us that disobedience leads to Heaven. Jesus taught us obedience is the way to Heaven.

Now i thought, do i look like a sturgeon? Do i look like Fishhead Stewie that big catfish that will go around telling people they can get away with doing anything they want? No, i don’t. And i don’t teach people wrong things, either. If i do, i correct it right away. I begin to see the CAtholic church is teaching not only false doctrine, but they are teaching things that are 100% opposite Christianity! The child abuse that goes on in the Catholic church is a dead giveaway that they are not a church of God. Not only do they condone child abuse, by priests, neither do they condemn it. And when you realize that homosexuality is an abomination to God, then you know a homosexual priest is only fit to practice in a Satanic church. Homosexuality is a sign that the church is of Satan, and not of God. In every way, i see the Catholic church is the antithesis of Christianity. Except i agree with their teachings on sex. And i just wonder why they only stopped eating meat on Fridays. That doesn’t make sense to me.

So when you see a gay, child abusing, pedophiliac catholic priest, standing in the holiest of the holies, in God’s temple, then you will see an abomination desolation. Just like God destroyed the Jews temple, in 70, God will destroy all the unholy places. And those evil people who do evil, it’s like writing a bad check to God. They are going to pay, and pay, and pay.

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