The Mystery Of Karma

19 Dec

December 18, 2015

This last summer i had a big rat infestation that i had to take care of. God taught me some things about that. For example, if i take a gun and shoot a rat, then i killed that rat. However, if i set a trap, and the rat goes somewhere he knows he’s not supposed to go, and steals some food and gets killed in the trap, i did not kill him. He killed himself, by setting his foot on the trap. By going where he knew he was not supposed to go and doing what he was not supposed to be doing, he ended up killing himself. Because rats, and bugs, and spiders, they don’t belong in the house. We can’t have spiders and bugs and such living in our houses. Rats spread diseases. Spiders are very similar to serpents, so it’s like having serpents in your house. So we must remove bugs and animals from our houses post haste. It doesn’t really matter how. Bugs and serpents and such are a danger to people, especially babies and small children. Safety, security and cleanliness. Bugs and animals are supposed to play outside. They are not allowed in the house. Of course family pets can go in the house and such.

Before i mentioned that going to Heaven is like survival of the fittest. And it is survival of the fittest, but not like most people think. LIke, people think the biggest strongest guy is the fittest, so he will survive better. But it’s not just brawns that make people survive, they also have to have brains. So you can’t say just because one guy outweighs the others he is more likely to survive. But when we talk about survival of the fittest, going to Heaven, it has nothing to do with physical size. When it comes to God, God wants good, strong men. Not big stupid apes. God already has a lot of apes if all God wanted was all brawn and no brains. From reading Scriptures, we can see that we are judged in three areas – honesty, integrity, and compassion. What it comes down to is that we are judged by how we treat others. And so survival of the fittest means survival of those who have honesty, integrity, and compassion. We must have all three. Besides, all that survival of the fittest nonsense is from their “theory” of evolution that we already know is false. It’s just another false teaching they taught us. The biggest guy isn’t necessarily the most fit guy. If he is mentally unfit and cannot even provide for his own survival, he won’t stand a chance to survive, no matter how big he is.

We can also see this example in the story about Lazarus and the rich man who was in hell. The rich man was judged by the way he had treated Lazarus on Earth. Whatever we sow, that shall we reap. Do unto others what we would have done to ourselves. What goes around, comes around. Karma. One of life’s little inescapable mysteries.


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