2300 Zulu

17 Dec

December 17, 2015

Today i’m going to do something i usually don’t do. I’m going to make a prediction, one about the stock market. I’m going to predict that the stock market is going to do what ever the people who manipulate it, tell it to do.

I read quite a few things about vegetarianism, and cutting out refined sugar, which is made with dead bones and such. One of the things somebody said gave me a better idea of being a vegetarian. He said that some people like to eat things that are made out of sperm, and blood. While others like to eat natural things, that grow from the Earth. Now, while EArth is our Mother, the food that grows naturally is our food, given to us to eat. This i think is like Mother’s Milk, from the EArth. But yet, many people eat flesh, even so-called “Christians”. As i mentioned before, this is one reason that the foolish virgins got left behind. They were not keeping ALL God’s commandments. Maybe they thought they would “take a chance”, and see if they could get away with breaking a few of God’s commandments. Maybe it was too inconvenient for them. But, what ever the reason, i suggest, because Scripture forewarns us that many churches will be expecting to be saved, but they will not, that pastors of some churches begin to prepare sermons for their flocks. There are some pastors who should prepare sermons for their flocks explaining WHY they got left behind in the Rapture! At that point, people are going to need to take a deep, hard look at themselves. Those people who are still alive, that is. My idea is, if people start looking into these reasons BEFOREHAND, they might be able to avoid being left behind.

I thought about some people who call themselves shock jocks. I think of myself as a Truth jockey. That’s what the world needs, and that’s how everyone can help make the world a better place is to tell the Truth everywhere. Kids and adults can all help. One of the things i thought about was that looking back through history, one of the things you never hear about much is really evil black people. There never have been any really evil black people, such as Hitler, or others. Then i thought, i never really heard about any really evil red brethrens, either. When we look at history, it seems the most evil of all the people were the white brothers. That’s not a judgment. That’s just an observation.

Such as, one of the weird tv shows i always thought was odd was Hogan’s Heroes. After all the German atrocities in the war, how could anyone possibly make a comedy series about concentration camps, and such? Weird. Instead of showing the real people behind the atrocities, they make them look like colonel Klink, or some weird stuff. I thought about the evil one percenters who own all the money, and i realized i felt sorry for them. Because, they could have been rich. They could have lived forever like Angels and such, and been really rich. Not rich like here on Earth. There are no riches here. These people have been gravely deceived. They think they are rich because they can afford to buy perfume that costs $140, to cover their stinking ass. That’s not rich, that’s foul.
These people will reap the reward of this world, which is a rotten carcass, when they could have had so much more. But, that’s what they chose for themselves. Their only rewards are cankerous metals and a dead, rotten carcass. Weird!

Now if people want to be saved, and go to Heaven, then they can just pray to God “Please help me!” And God will tell them – Read His Word, the HOly Bible, and follow the directions that Jesus teaches us to be saved. That’s it. But you must keep God’s commandments, which is what Jesus teaches us. Everything you need to know to get into Heaven is in the New Testament. The message of God’s salvation is repent from sinning, and stop sinning. Remission of sins. And then, living a life closely dedicated to God, and keeping His commandments, the best you can. Sometimes, when i pray to God, Heavenly Mother might ask me, “Was i doing my best?”. And after time, now i tell God, Yes, not only was i trying my best, i am trying to do better every day.


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