Blood Drinkers

15 Dec

Dec 14, 2015
Years ago i read some information by a doctor who wrote about mental health, and trance related issues. The doctor stated that a healthy mental health environment is one where a person has a wide variety of inputs and activities, whereas a less healthy environment would be one that is narrow, or restricted, with less input and less activities. Now i believe this is true, it makes common sense. And so i don’t recommend that people become monks, lets say for example. I don’t think people should isolate themselves from other folks as a general rule. There are times and exceptions, but i think if people avoid other people, the tend to lose their touch with other humans. An example might be a person who stays at home by themself a lot, and watches a lot of crime tv shows. This may distort the person’s sense of reality, and make them believe that most people are criminals, or that human contact is dangerous. So i recommend everyone join a church, or be a part of some group of people. Find a group that has potlucks every so often, and use that as an excuse.

Now that doctor who i spoke about, the trance guy, he did not recommend becoming heavily doped up, or taking heavy psychoactive drugs to be mentally healthy. That’s more like getting drunk, or going on a weird acid trip. There are healthy ways of trance, and there are pathological trance behaviors, that many people don’t know about. But the pathological behaviors are very bad for people’s mental and physical health.

Now in my line of work, i chew a lot of people out. I chew out little old ladies, who go to church on Sundays, and Saturdays, for eating meat. I chew the asses of quiet spoken church deacons, for any semblance of hypocrisy. I chew the butts of smiling Sunday school pastors for not being strict enough. I chew the asses of construction workers, and anyone who needs to know about God, and being saved, and Jesus. I have to. If i knew what i know, and i did not tell people, i couldn’t sleep at night. I couldn’t live with myself. I have to tell people these things. Because if i don’t, they may not understand Heaven and Jesus are real, and they might miss out on being saved. And that would be unforgiveable to me. So i have to tell people these things, whether if they like it or not. But, i also have to remember that most people are kind. As i spend so much time studying about the darker side of humanity, and swilling around in the mud, i tend sometimes to think everyone is evil, and i forget that most people are nice folks. That’s like i complained before about some folks who helped me, by giving me food. And over the past year, they gave me a lot of food. Good food, which i ate, and which helped keep me alive. And some nice folks invited me to church, and those folks there fed me and gave me some books. Two books, Desire of Ages, and The Great Controversy, both by Ellen White. Now DEsire of Ages, sometimes that makes me think of the Age of Desires.

And many other people have been very kind to me and helped me. So when i get too isolated, then i can get a distorted perception of reality, and that’s why i recommend having a wide variety of input in your life. I mentioned before that i have been greatly blessed, and i don’t know why, and i don’t know why it was me. Now i understand that i was greatly blessed, even before i knew about it. And i had been given many blessings and gifts, before i even knew about it. And, everyone is the same as me. All God’s children have been given great blessings and rewards, and they just don’t know it yet. They can get some idea, by looking at my example. But even so, they still have no idea all the many blessings they have been given. It’s not just me. God loves everyone the same.

But, as i said, this is why i chew so many people out. Because people are just like i was, five years ago. I wasn’t sure if Christianity was True. I had doubts, there was much confusion. But now i Know. And so fortunately, i can tell people, God IS real, Jesus IS His Son, the Holy Spirit IS very real, and God’s Word is True. And so we MUST do what God tells us to do so that we can get to Heaven. We must. Otherwise we won’t go. And that’s what i’m here to tell you brother. People better believe God’s Word is True, because if they don’t, they are in for a very rude surprise. More about that in a little bit, but this is why i have to tell people.

Now in Revelations, God tells the seven churches some instructions. God sends a letter to each of the churches. And pretty much, God finds some sort of fault with each of the churches. It’s kind of like when the captain inspects your cabin on the ship. They usually find something wrong. But, God tells each of the churches to repent! God is telling all of the churches that they can repent, change their ways, and they can be redeemed. All can be saved! But God also warns the churches, Repent, or otherwise, He will fight against them with His Sword! In other words, repent, or your church is not going to be saved. God is going to fight against those who don’t repent! Take heed. Some of these churches think when that day comes, they will be saved, but they will not. They need to heed the word of God. Because it is True. They are not empty Words, nor are they to be taken lightly. Blessed are those who keep Jesus’ sayings. You don’t want Jesus to fight against you!

So there is hope for all. All who obey God, that is. Now in the letters to the churches in Revelation. God tells a couple different churches that He has a few things against them. No problem, they just need to repent, and stop sinning. There is redemption for all who obey. But God tells them that they have the doctrine of Baal, and they have a false prophetess named Jezebel who teaches people idolatry and adultery. Now many of today’s Christian churches will not identify with Baal worship, or teaching people idolatry and adultery. But the Truth is, God is not saying that those churches necessarily have an altar to Baal, and a Baal idol, or any specific thing. What God is saying is that these churches have certain pagan doctrines and beliefs. Because Baal worship is pagan. And so God is actually referring to the modern day Christian churches who practice pagan practices such as Xmas trees, Santa, reindeer, etc, etc,. All these ancient Babylonian pagan practices in the modern day churches. That is what God is talking about. Not people who openly worship Baal, but people who have these pagan doctrines in their churches.

The modern day churches may have a Christmas tree in their church, just as Revelation talks about, and just as God tells people not to have pagan doctrines. Thus, they unwittingly fulfill the Scriptures. Just as it is Written. Likewise, they also can fulfill Scripture by teaching people it’s OK to be divorced and remarried for any reason. Even though, God’s Word is very clear. Jesus said divorce and remarriage, except for fornication, is adultery. Not hard to decipher that. It’s very straight forward and direct. So churches who teach that it’s OK to divorce and remarry are teaching the doctrines of adultery, and especially in the Catholic church, some churches are teaching people to practice idolatry. Just as it is WRitten. So these modern day churches are fulfilling and fitting into Scripture, exactly as defined by Scripture, in Revelation. They need to recognize this, recognize their errors, and repent, and stop sinning. It’s very important. It’s the most important thing ever.

So in these end times, nearing the Day of Our Lord, all churches need to become aware of God’s Word and heed it. It’s a very serious matter. Now if it is hard for the churches to enter into Heaven, what will become of the sinners, and ungodly? This is a terrible thing to even think about, and this is why it’s so important for those who are truly trying to enter Heaven to follow all the directions, and make sure they actually are on the straight and narrow Way. I strongly urge all men, if they do not believe in God, or Jesus, to reconsider God’s Word, and believe it. Because it is True. Unfortunately, as i mentioned the other day, some people won’t believe in God unless they see a miracle happen. The sad part is, many people will not believe in God until they end up in Hell. Then they will believe. But it will be too late. The story of Lazarus and the rich man who was in hell may not be an entirely fictitious story. It may very well be a True story. Hell is a depository for evil. Everything evil is going to get thrown in there. Now i’m going to tell you something that might shock you. But when you are working as a t3chnician, sometimes you get shocked. Even Nikola Tesla, he got shocked himself, working on his experiments. And what about that guy with the kite string, and the key in the lightning storm. Who was that guy? He was one of the first ones to demonstrate free electricity from the sky. But i only hope that it helps people to believe.

ONe of the things many people think of is that God is so loving and kind that He would never throw people in Hell. Or that if He did, it would only be a short time, and then they would let you out. HOwever, Scripture is very clear. The smoke from their torment rises for ever and ever. Their torment never ends. This is not an exaggeration. This does not need translation. Satan is going to burn for ever and ever. That’s what Hell is. But people say, how can that be? If God is so loving and kind, how could He possibly put some people in Hell? Well, i’m here to tell you how. It’s very easy to understand. There are two sides to every coin. Just as God is extremely loving to His children, God is extremely harsh to His enemies. Make no mistake about it. You do not want to become an enemy to God. And it’s easy to understand how God is so different from people. Scripture never says at any time does God look down into Hell and say Have you had enough yet? Those folks in Hell had enough the first minute they were thrown in there. And they are never getting out.

Now let’s say, for example, that some people came and killed your children. What would you do? Would you run outside and try to kill them back? Would you call the police and hope they got the death penalty? Would you be angry? Well, this is how God is different from people. Because people killed God’s babies, and God forgave them. God said to the people, i know you killed my babies, i know everything you did. And if you say you are sorry and you stop killing my babies, i will forgive you, and make you my own child, and you can live forever with Me in Heaven. Many people will instantly say they are sorry and stop sinning. But other folks will not. Other folks will tell God that they are not sorry they killed God’s babies, and they are not going to stop killing them, either. In fact, they are going to keep on killing God’s babies. Or they may say they are not going to follow God’s laws, they are going to keep breaking God’s laws, and they are not sorry. And now i know what God is going to do to those people. He’s going to kill them. But they will never die. And no wonder. Because God offered them forgiveness, but they chose punishment instead.

It’s horrible. These people were given a choice by God. He knows all their sins, and they can either receive forgiveness for their sins, or they can receive punishment for their sins. Wages of sin is death. Those people who do not receive forgiveness will receive punishment. God gives everyone an opportunity to turn away from sinning. Those who choose evil will be punished. But we can see a big difference between the way God is, and the way people are. It’s just like if Gepetto somehow created an evil puppet, or some kind of Chucky doll. He would just throw it in the fire, with all the other trash and evil. If it is evil, and can’t be fixed, then it is no good at all. But God forgives all who sin against Him, if they ask. But those who refuse God and say they are going to continue sinning against God are going to get thrown into Hell. No wonder. God asked them to stop doing evil, and they refused.

Now i believe that no man has seen God, no man has seen Heaven, and no man has seen Hell. The Holy Bible is illustrated, not with pictures, but with words. And we can clearly see what Hell is like through what Scripture teaches us about it. Hell is very horrible, and this is the reason we preach the Gospel to all. Because we don’t want anyone going to the Lake of Fire. Scripture has some good descriptions about Hell, and what it is like, and lets us know it is very horrible, and not to go there. The story of Lazarus that we talked about, tells us that the rich man was in horrible torment, from fire. Jesus also tells us in Scripture not to fear those who can only kill the body, and after that, do nothing more. Jesus tells us to fear Him who can kill the body, and then kill the soul, by tossing it into hell. Men can only kill other men’s bodies. They can only hurt people so much, then the people die. But when men die, their spirit lives forever. When God says He is giving people the second death, they are not really dying. Remember, Death gets destroyed at the end of the Bible. So after that, no one dies anymore. People who are in Hell will live for ever, in Hell. These people will suffer for ever. In torment, for ever. It never ends. Every minute of every day for ever and ever and ever, burning in fire. That’s what Satan gets. And that’s what everyone gets who follows Satan. HOw bad is it in Hell? Scripture tells us that for these folks, it would be better if they had never been born, because they will spend eternity suffering. In fact, Jesus tells us that these people will wish that they had never been born. These people will wish that they could die. But they will never die. They will never stop suffering. They are going to suffer for ever. Wishing that they had never been born, and wishing they could die, but never dying. It’s too horrible to even think about. I thank God every day for forgiving my sins, and pulling me from the fires of Hell, because otherwise, i would be there too. In fact, i have a very close relationship with God. But even so, when i think about Hell, i have a healthy fear of God, and a very strong respect. Because i don’t want to go there, either. So i strongly recommend everyone to reconsider their positions, if they have not believed in Jesus and have not obeyed the Word of God. The Bible is not complicated and difficult to understand. It is very simple, and plain, and straight forward and direct. And it tells us exactly what will happen. The problem is, many people try to interpret the Bible, when it needs no interpretation. For example, Scriptures that tell us Thou shalt not murder, and Thou shalt not eat flesh, these simple commands need no interpretation. What people do is try to “interpret” Scripture to fit what they want to believe, instead of what it really means. The Bible needs to be taken more literally.

And God also teaches us about what happens to people who hurt God’s little children. IN the Scripture, Jesus says Woe to anyone who offends the little ones who believe in Him. God says it will be better to have a millstone necklace and go swimming in the ocean, for those folks. Those folks who hurt God’s children will wish they were never born, and they will wish that they could die. But they never will. And when God was teaching, and using a small child as an example, if anyone offends the children, God was also using that as a reference to anyone who would mistreat any of God’s children. They don’t have to be small children, but the children of God. Jesus was saying anyone who offends God’s children is going to be severely punished. People need to be aware of these things. They are True, and the punishment is real. The Rewards are real, and so are the punishments. Every man will be rewarded according to his works.

I was doing more reading, and i saw where the pope Francis committed more blasphemy and said that he performed a miracle with some blood. I read about a pope drinking blood, and there’s quite a bit to read about so-called Jews drinking human blood, the pope drinking blood, and this goes way back in history. It’s well documented throughout history. So i thought, if these so-called Jews like to drink blood, and the pope and other people like to drink blood so much, then why don’t we open up a new factory and produce blood for these blood suckers to drink? We could go to the slaughter houses, and ranches and we could produce blood drinks for these blood suckers. Such as we could provide them with menstrual blood to drink, from pigs, and from cows. They love blood so much, i bet they would love slurping down a big bloody menstrual smoothie. Maybe it might even have an aborted fetus in it, just like they like. Just like the kind they put in Choke A Cola. Yum. That’s what i think we should give to those blood suckers. If they like blood so much, have a big mouthful of menstrual blood! Mmmm! Still warm! Maybe they could have a blood snack from sucking on a blood soaked cotton pad, since they like eating blood so much.


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