Jews Kidnap Child

10 Dec

December 10, 2015


For a few years now i have been exposing what is already well-known to many people. I have been uncovering and exposing what people are doing to other people, all around the world. And quite frankly, it makes me sick. I am growing sick of viewing and learning what people are doing to other people. And not only are people committing horrible crimes against other people, to me, i think the worst offenders, the worst of the worst, are those who are paid to protect people, who witness all the things i see, and do nothing.

Besides the crimes many people are committing, murder, Americans are not even safe in their own home. And people who are paid by Americans to provide them with law enforcement, justice, law and order, and keep them safe, they sit by, witness all these crimes, and do nothing. Who is worse? The criminals, or officials who allow them to continue their crimes? The refugee, or the national leader who defiles their own country? To me, i am beginning to understand why so few will be saved, and why so many people will be cast into the Lake of Fire. The things that people are doing to each other, and not doing, are incredibly sick and disgusting. And it’s no wonder the people burn in hell forever. They are receiving what they deserve. It will be the victims of all these criminals who go to Heaven.

I am growing sick and weary of having to view what people do to animals and to other people. It’s sick and disgusting. And the worst part is, all the people who also know about it, could do something, but do nothing. They get paid to protect the public, and then they get paid while they sit idly by, and watch the public get murdered. They just worry about drawing their own paycheck, and taking care of them ownselves. It’s no wonder theirs is the greater condemnation. As Jesus tells them, when they saw someone who needed help, and they did not help them, they did that to Jesus.


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