ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

10 Dec

December 9, 2015


I’m beginning to better understand the nature of banks, and banking. I always thought it was odd that a bank is a company that will loan you money when you don’t need it, and when you do need it, they want it back. Now i’m starting to understand why.

Well, today i learned some more stuff. I learned a lot more reasons proving the moon landing is a hoax. For example, the video tape they used would have melted because of the temperature on the moon. There’s lots of evidence, but some of the most damning evidence is NASA’s own video recordings. And i learned also that rockets don’t work in space. Rockets that blast into outer space would not work in outer space, because there is nothing to push against. It would be kind of like sitting in a kayak on the ocean, and trying to make yourself go by flapping your arms. There would be (almost) nothing to push against, and you would not move. There’s lots of evidence proving everything about NASA is fake. If you could somehow make it to the moon, you’d find out you were dead when you got there. Because of temperature, Van Allen radiation, and simple logisitics, etc. It would be extremely difficult to land on the moon. Let’s say that you get in a rocket and blast straight up to space, clear into outer space where there is no atmosphere, only vaccuum. You’d have to get enough speed and energy to blast yourself free from the gravity of Earth. Now if the radiation doesn’t fry you on your way up, which it is scientifically proven it would, then once you are free from the Earths gravity, now how are you going to stop? You’re in space, so now, you can’t even slow down! See ya! What are you going to do, put out a parachute? Parachutes don’t work in space, for the same reason that rocket engines don’t work in space. Even if they did work in space, you’d have to have a backwards rocket mounted on the nose of your spaceship so you could slow down, etc. It’s too ridiculous to even contemplate. Of course, don’t rely on me for this, see for yourself. There’s lots of evidence, you can check it out for yourself.



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