Hands Clean

3 Dec

Decembrr 2, 2015

The other day i mentioned about how our body is a temple of God. God’s indwelling Spirit can dwell with us, and does. It’s very important that we do not defile our temple, because otherwise, God would abandon us! So we want to take good care of our bodies, the best that we can. Not only is our body a temple of God, it is a Gift from God. And all Gifts from God are Holy, and they need to be treated as such. Now, where would Pinocchio be, if Gepetto did not whittle him a nice body? He wouldn’t be! Gepetto made Pinocchio’s body as a gift to Pinocchio. Besides all that, the fact is that people who don’t take care of their physical bodies will not take care of their spiritual bodies either. And God is going to tell those people that since they don’t take care of what God has given to them, God will not give them a magnificent Spiritual body, if they don’t take care of their physical body. People can have some magnificent Spiritual body, and fly around like angels and such, and i don’t know what all. But they must be obedient to God first. And now we can clearly see, Obedience is the Key to Heaven.

Because the fact also is that people who disobey God on Earth will also disobey God in Heaven. That’s why obedience is Key to Heaven. People who disobey God are not allowed in. Ask Satan. People who disobey God are cast out of Heaven. I begin to understand better, and i see that not only did some people disobey God, but they were asked to stop being disobedient, and still they refused to obey. They chose to willfully disobey God, even though they were asked, and even though they knew better. So it’s easy to understand why many people are not allowed into Heaven. They were disobedient. They refused to obey. It’s no suprise they aren’t allowed in to Heaven. When they are outside the City, wailing and gnashing their teeth, we will know, it was their own fault. They refused to obey God, even after they were asked. It’s their own fault. There’s nothing we could do to help them.

Well, no matter what i’m doing, working in the yard or thinking up ideas, God always is with me, and God always gives me a lot of good ideas! I just realized today, when God gave me some more good ideas about projects around the house and stuff that God always has good ideas! And God has given me a lot of them! Every idea God has, is Good! I told God thanks for giving me all these good ideas! I have been exceedingly blessed, and i don’t know why.

Every night, i usually wake up a couple of times or more. And when i wake up, i try real hard to remember what i was dreaming. Sometimes i can remember, but then i fall back asleep, and forget by morning. A few things i am able to remember. It’s hard for me to remember. But, it’s fun trying! Today i remembered last night i dreamed i was in an earthquake. I was in a room, or building with some body else there, and we both noticed a sensation, then we said, it is an earthquake, and started looking at things moving on the walls and such. We confirmed it was an earthquake. But that’s all i remember. Weird!

I have a certain kind of hand lotion for dry hands and the directions require that you don’t wash your hands after applying the lotion. If you wash your hands, you will just wash off the lotion, and it won’t do any good. That reminds me of when Heavenly Mother told me about getting cleansed up to go to the Big Party in Heaven! and that after getting cleansed up, we have to remain clean. God washes our hands and gets us clean, and puts lotion on us, and we have to keep our hands clean. That way, when it’s time for the Big Surprise Party, we’ll be ready! It’s a Big Party, and we don’t want anybody to miss it!


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