The Last Sane Guy

29 Nov

November 28, 2015

Well i’m afraid i was right before, when i thought the whole world has gone crazy. It sure seems like it has. For example, the USA foreign policy is to arm rebels and pay hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in guns and bombs. Then they send in machine gunners to start killing all the people. This is the official US policy.

Now who, in their right mind, could say that it is better to spend millions of dollars like this on bombs than it would be to spend it on food, and deliver it to the people? If the USA can afford to spend that much money on killing, how can anyone say that is a better policy than trying to feed the world? And yet, everyone just accepts it as the normal way to do things. Going around the world and blowing things up and murdering people for foreign policy. And people who suggest things like dropping food, instead of bombs are labeled “insane”. Maybe they are insane, but they still have a better idea for foreign policy than dropping incendiary devices on their brothers and sisters and children. Some people don’t have a conscience, and they don’t care what the USA does to innocent people all around the world. But some people do.


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