OK Then, Just Don’t Build Any More Atom Bombs

28 Nov

November 28, 2015

Revelation Chapter 22

13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and
the last.

The other day i mentioned about God feeds all His animals, and provides for all of them. We can learn about God by looking at Nature. We can see God’s greatness and magnificence in the Natural world. God manages all the animals, so that all the species survive, and continue on. God even has natural population control. For example, if two baby eagles are hatched in the same nest, if there is a shortage of food, one baby eagle will peck the other baby to death, to ensure it’s own survival. Now, of course, people are not like animals. Two human babies won’t battle each other for food. They can’t, but they don’t need to. But also, if say the rabbit population increases, then food will run out, famine ensues, the weak die off and the strong survive, and the population is maintained. The deer population may thrive, then get hit with a hard winter and get cut back. God has maintained all His animals, since the beginning, despite interference from man.

But, another thing we can learn about the Nature of God, by looking at Nature, is that Mother Nature can be, and is, very harsh. And so we can easily recognize that God then, is very harsh. Don’t kid yourselves. What does that mean? That means, don’t be deceived. Because God is not mocked. God is very harsh.

Galatians Chapter 6

7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth,
that shall he also reap.

This is a very stern warning. For example, if a person deals harshly with other people on Earth, then that person is going to reap what he has sown. And so, that person is going to be dealt with harshly by God. Only thing is, the harshness of God is much more severe than the harshness of man could ever be. Even more harsh than man can imagine! God tells us, He is Alpha to Omega, beginning and End, and He is everything in between. God is supreme, God is also, by man’s standards, very extreme. God is extreme loving kindness, and at the other end, God is extreme harshness. And these extremes are beyond what man can even imagine. And so man should be very careful, and recognize the harshness of God’s Nature. If men go against God of the Universe, obviously they are going to receive sure destruction. God is not to be toyed with, and most men should be able to recognize the importance of that. People might assume that because God is such loving kindness, He would never punish His children. Don’t kid yourself. God is extreme loving kindness, and God is also extremely harsh, at the same time. God is everything.

And another important thing people need to remember is that God never speaks empty words. God will never tell you something, then go behind your back and conspire against you. God only tells the Truth. And so when we read God’s Words, in the Holy Bible, we know that what He is saying, He really means. He’s not kidding around. And neither should we be.

While men don’t necessarily live by the laws of Nature, like animals, even so, in the Spiritual world, it indeed is the survival of the fittest.


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