Dancing Like A Puppet On A Rope

8 Oct

October 8, 2015

Another school shooting, another public massacre of US citizens, on their own home land. And yet again, the US government responds with “Just give up some of your freedoms, so you can have a little bit more security.” However, if we do that, we will end up with no freedoms and no security. We have more gun laws than any other country, so more gun laws is obviously not the answer. No one believes that non-sense any more. It obviously doesn’t work. We’ve had more shootings since 2001 than we had prior to 9/11/2001. All those extra laws after 911were supposed to make us safer, but they didn’t. They made things worse.

Do you remember that time the Israelis tried to sink the USS Liberty? Do you remember they shot and bombed our ship for hours, but they could not sink the MIss Liberty. Do you remember the time the Israelis bombed the WTC? And do you remember the time when the Israelis blew up both the WTC buildings, along with Building 7, and killed a few hundred firefighters and first responders? Don’t you remember all the times the Israelis attacked US citizens, and killed our guys, and killed our kids? Don’t you remember all the lies they told, about everything? And the millions of people the Israelis killed overseas in the past few years, and the millions of refugees the Israelis have created? And the schools they bombed, and hospitals they bombed? Don’t you remember?

Difficult times test our faith. Sometimes when we suffer difficulties, it can cause us to question our faith in God. That is, when our faith is weak. However, after having been Christians for more and more time, our faith grows and can become indomitable. So we work to increase our faith, mainly by building a close and strong relationship with God, through prayer. Daily practice. And we learn and grow. But when we are tested, we sometimes question our faith, we might even question God. Or we might question God’s tactics, because we simply do not know, neither can we understand. But if we question God, He may respond to us with a question of His own. Such as, God may ask us “Have I ever let you down before?”. Of course, the answer is No. Do you think God is going to let you down now? No, of course not. And God may ask us “Do you think I am going to come and teach you all these things, and reveal all these things to you, and teach you how to come to Heaven, and then after all that, let you slip away?” Of course not. And no one is capable of keeping you from going to Heaven, either. Because God is Just. So we must always exercise and increase our strength in our faith. We never stop believing. That’s how we become strong. We trust in God completely and keep all His commandments, and then we rely on Him completely, as children who completely trust in their parents, who have absolutely nothing to worry about.

I want to mention a couple of things that Israelis “invented”. Such as “anti-semitism”. Shouldn’t “anti-goyism” also be illegal then? And “anti-holocaustism”, meaning they have made it a crime to deny that the holocaust actually took place. Now we all know the holocaust took place. It’s the details that we question. But i also wonder, which holocaust are they talking about? The holocaust of the Native Americans? The holocaust of the Vietnamese? The Koreans? The holocaust of the Palestinians? Yemenis? Afghans? Pakistanis? Japanese? Russians? etc etc? Which holocaust were they talking, about, exactly?





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