The New, New World Order

6 Oct

October 6, 2015

Well, there is going to be a new world order. It’s just not going to be the one they thought it would be.

Now the US is telling us there are “good” terrorists, and “bad” terrorists? What? Terrorists are terrorists. There is no such thing as a “good” terrorist. Why is my tax dollars going to fund terrorists? Tax money is supposed to be for kids, and parks, and education, not to be given to some terrorists to go and create terror all over the world. Murder and mayhem that eventually comes home to roost. These people are calling good “evil” and they are calling “darkness” light.

In the wars on Earth, men risk and sometimes lose their physical lives. In the war in Heaven, we battle for the hearts, minds and souls of men. Because in the war of Heaven, men’s spiritual lives are at stake. And when it’s over, it’s done. There’s no going back and changing anything. And when it’s finished, you can stick a fork in it.


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