Someone With A Big Fish Hat

1 Oct

October 1, 2015

I thought about the pope, and i feel sorry for him. I feel bad to tell him he’s such a loser. He’s the leader of the L7 nations, if you know what i mean. Now what could they have told the pope that he would be willing to have power for a couple years on Earth, but the price to pay for it was Eternity in torment? Be not deceived. The poor pope. What can he do? I think he should go down to the Crossroads and meet the devil again, and tear up his contract with the devil. Then he can make a New Contract with Jesus that he can keep forever.

The big loss that the pope has is his own fault. Jesus says that whoever denies Jesus, Jesus will then deny that person before His Father. So when the pope denies Jesus, all he is doing is denying himself. Before God. God taught me that we can only let our ownselves down. We can’t let anyone else down, but ourselves. So the pope is denying his ownself before God, and choosing to spend Eternity in torment. Now most people would say that’s not a very wise choice. No, and most people wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a big fish hat around, either. So we all need to look at the pope’s example of what not to do. Because we all know what will become of him if he doesn’t repent and stop sinning. Unfortunately. 

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