The Pope Is A Failure

30 Sep

Pope fail. Cern fail NWO fail. Some people might accuse me of trying to subvert the New World Order. If so, then i am proud of it.

I found a lot of stuff to read. I read a lot of stuff already, and even now, i see i am at least five years behind Alex Jones. It’s pretty insane. The BS runs pretty deep. But, thanks to God for showing me all these things and revealing the Truth. Because five years ago, i was just like everyone else, scoffing at “conspiracy nuts” and making fun of Art Bell’s listeners. I even called Edward Snowden a traitor. But that’s because i made up my mind without knowing the facts. Now i realize Edward knows a lot more than i do, and he’s not a traitor, either.

The more i read and discover, the more things i learn there are to discover. It goes on and on. But the Truth will be revealed, as God says in Scripture. And Truth will overcome evil.

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