Liars, Thieves And Parasites

29 Sep

September 29, 2015

I thought about how everybody has different strengths and weaknesses. Some people are good at building, some good at manufacturing, some people are good farmers, others are good at studying, and some people are good at teaching. Other people are good at music, and some people have a knack for the law and finance, and so on. Some people are good at repairing, and others for transporting, etc. Etc.

But now there are some people who aren’t good at anything, or some people the only thing they are good at is being deceiptful. They are good at lying and stealing. These kind of folks will act like they are nice to your face, but inside, they hate you and they want to steal from you. They are no good at anything else. They can’t farm, manufacture, study, learn, play music, sing or dance. The only thing that they can do is try to deceive other people to try to make a living. Since they aren’t good at anything, they try to make themselves the middleman in everything. Do you want to buy something, go to the middleman. He makes his money out of nothing, by only being the middleman. In this way, these folks put themselves in the middle of everything, so that no matter what you want, you have to go through them. Do you want something manufactured? Do you want some farming done? Do you want to enter finance? The law? Do you need to go to court? Do you have good music to produce? No matter what you do, there we go and find these “middlemen”. Now everything costs twice as much, because we now have to pay the middleman, for doing nothing, really. And even more, because the middleman being dishonest isn’t satisified with just being the middleman. Now he wants to control each system to increase his advantage. Now he isn’t just the middleman of the education system, now he controls the education system to his advantage. Now he can teach people wrong things. He can manipulate the finance system, because he is the middleman to all the different systems, including government and law, these people who are no good at anything except lying and stealing can now rip off everybody. Then they can have all the profits for themselves. Now he is in the middle of everything, and can control everything to his own advantage. Which comes at the cost of everybody else, who has to pay and pay.

So we can see these non-contributors to society are like leeches on society. They leech off of others to make a living. Because of their manipulations and deceipt, they don’t make society grow, they retard growth. We could say that they are the retards of society. And in most cases, it is advantageous to eliminate the middleman, especially when they are leeching off the system and people. Certainly when they are causing no good, but doing only harm, they should be eliminated entirely from the system.


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