Project Rainbow!

19 Sep


The Wretched Truth

I thought about some writings i read somewhere that said in the end times, men will call darkness “light”. I understand that means, such as the illuminati. Re. Now i have read so much stuff that there is no way i can exactly remember all of it. But that’s not the point. It’s the understanding we receive when we read all that information. We’re not expected to remember all the details. For me, it would not be very possible.

But i also thought about what i said earlier, about eating dead animals. Now before i said that if something tastes bad, that means you are not supposed to eat it. Now if you find a dead racoon on the road and you eat it, take a few bites, and if you start wretching violently, then you get sick and puke up blood and get a fever then die in a couple days, that means that you should not eat dead animals. Now what about if a dog eats the racoon and the dog doesn’t get sick? Then that means it’s ok for dogs to eat dead racoons. So that’s another good way to tell if you are supposed to eat something, or not.

Also i read in the kolbrin text about several recorded instances of when the comet or planet came near to the Earth and caused great disasters. A common thing mentioned was that many men suddenly became as mad men when the comet approached. They forgot all they knew, and they just became blithering idiots, so to speak. Now is this just saying that people were greatly distressed, or did they suffer some sort of brain damage caused by EMP or some effect and they became as zombies? I read somewhere that there are some weapons and bombs that can somehow irradiate human brains and cause people to lose everything they know. And now i wonder if this is the same thing they are talking about in Kolbrin.


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