What’s In Your Samwich?

18 Sep


I was thinking about the Lord’s Prayer that i pray every day, morning and night. I thought about the part that says “Thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven”. Here we are praying to carry out God’s will on Earth, the same as God’s will is already being carried out in Heaven. This is a good clue to us- that God’s will is being carried out in Heaven, by all who are in Heaven, right now. And so this tells us that if we want to go to Heaven, that we must also carry out God’s will, whatever it is. I love God very much, and i try to do everything that God tells me, to the best of my ability. And so i obey all God’s commands, including “thou shalt not eat flesh of living creatures.”. It’s very important, because only the people who carry out God’s will go to HEaven, as we can see in the Lord’s Prayer. This is what JEsus taught us.

The other day i mentioned about how difficult it can be carrying out God’s will sometimes. It can be frustrating at times, because people don’t listen. I mentioned before that sometimes i feel like i was on Flight 93, and we got hijacked, and so i stood up and said Let’s roll, and went to retake the plane. But no one else got up to help me, so i just went by myself. Then, not only did i go alone, but many people reached out and grabbed me and tried to interfere with me, and hold me back. The people can’t stop me, but they can slow me down and they just make it that much more difficult. They make me more tired, and make it harder for me to complete my mission. I thought it’s like going on a long bike ride, and the wind is blowing against you the whole way. It’s already a difficult journey, and then the wind just makes it that much more harder and more tiring. So i’m glad God made me strong, so that i can complete my mission in spite of continuous opposition.

But then i wonder if Flight 93 was even a real story. I heard about some gay soccer guy who led the charge to retake over the hijacked passenger jet, and all the people were relaying this over their cell phones to their families on the ground. Something like that. But since then, the evidence seems to show that no jets crashed into any buildings on September 11, 2001. The WTC and the Pentagon were both hit by what appears to be rockets. And we all saw pictures of the giant beams at the ground of WTC cut off at perfect 45 degree angle, by explosives. Now i realize, the people who caused 911 did not need to hijack any jetliners. They had many jets at their disposal that they could use without hijacking any. But they didn’t use jets, they used rockets, and fabricated evidence to make it look like jets. So i bet no jets were even hijacked on 911.

No, the perpetrators would not take any chances on their plans failing, so they would not risk their entire operation on actually hijacking a passenger jet. Too many things could go wrong. So everything we seem to know seems to be false. It’s like what we are told about eating, that people need to eat meat. This is ridiculous. But then people say Well, you need to eat this certain amount of protein. But, for all we know, that information is wrong too. How do we know how much protein we are supposed to eat? Everything we are told is lies. Now i understand the old saying Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see. It’s a true statement.

But people are so funny, and they will easily believe a lot of things. That’s like one guy who went to my work one time and he was eating, and i asked what he was eating, and he said he was eating a pig penis! Actually, he said he was eating a hot dog, but that’s what hot dogs are made out of. They even look the same. And sure enough, there he was with what looked like a pig penis in his mouth. Yuk! Not only that, he was also eating pig anuses, because they take the pigs anus and penis and grind it up and put it in hotdogs. The guys friend was eating a different sandwich, he was eating a cow vagina! Yes, they put cow vaginas and cow anuses and mix in some cow eyeballs and make beef hotdogs. And who knows what is in those hamburgers, brains, manure, anuses. But the people say if you wash the feces off the anuses, and cook them, they taste good! They like it! Some people put anuses and penises and vaginas and eyeballs and put it on their pizza, but they call it sausage pizza! to make it sound good. The rich people eat prime rib and steak, the poor people eat the anuses and private parts of animals, mixed in with feces. If you want to know what’s in food, read the ingredients, such as braunschwager.

But people are so funny, they tell people that they need to eat a certain amount of pig penises, or else the people will die! LOL! And people actually believe it! They think you can only live about three days without water, and you can only live about a month without meat! But the evidence is contrary. EAting meat is shown to be harmful to our health. Cholesterol, eating that garbage is not good for people. It kills people, and makes them get sick and die. Now if people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, they will get sick and die. They will get scurvy and other diseases and get sick and die. This is proof that people need to eat fruits and vegetables. But there is no such thing as people getting sick from going without meat. That’s ridiculous. In fact, the only time people get sick is when they DO eat meat. Such as leaving it out and letting it get warm, getting cow feces mixed into their meat, e coli. Because the people are eating feces sandwiches! People are not supposed to eat feces. It’s bad for them. In fact, everytime you hear about food poisoning, it is from meat, or food getting mixed up with feces. But people are so funny, they think they can only live so long without meat, and if they can’t survive on steak and ribs, then they have to eat penises and anuses and vaginas, whatever they can get. You never heard about someone who ate an apple that went bad dying. No, that never happens. People don’t die from eating overripe berries and such. They only die from eating the wrong kinds of plants. And from eating feces and dead rotten animals and such.
Not to mention the fact that God directly commanded us not to eat flesh. Advanced civilizations are always vegetarians. It’s the barbarians and the heathens who eat dead animals and get feces mixed up in their food. And as we all know, only the people who carry out God’s will are in Heaven.


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