The Prince Of This World

14 Sep


Well i thought about how unpleasant it is, doing our chores and carrying out our jobs sometimes. Sometimes i have to deal with people who are not so nice, and unholy and unclean. While i was thinking about that, i realized it’s kind of like cleaning the toilet, at work. And God reminded me that it is one of those unpleasant things we must to sometimes. But God said not to worry, because we are just about done cleaning the toilet, and we’re about ready to pull the handle and flush the sewer away..

I often mention that the Earth is a sewer, compared to Heaven. That’s why Satan got cast out of Heaven, he is unfit to be anywhere near Heaven. So i realized, since the Earth is a sewer, and Satan is the prince of this world, then Satan is the prince of the sewer. Yuk! And so are the princes of this world, the princes of the sewer. They think they are really something, and they try to glorify themselves. However, they can hardly glorify themselves while they are smearing poop off their butt with their hand. It makes me realize that people who try to glorify themselves are trying to glorify sh*t. But the princes of the sewer can rule over the sewer all they want, because we are going to Heaven and leave them here to wallow in their own excrement, and the dark.


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