There Is No Evil In Heaven

24 Jun

June 24, 2015

I was thinking about God, and how some people try to say that God is partly evil. Now one of the things that is kind of hard for me to understand is how God is Pure Goodness. This is something i learned about God when He first revealed Himself to me. I never knew that before. I thought about how people try to assign evil to God, by twisting God’s Word around. For example, if there is a church somewhere that has in it’s name the word Christian, and that church teaches that it is OK for American soldiers to go overseas and kill their brethren, then that church has twisted God’s Word to make it seem that God condones killing. That church should go through everything, and remove the word Christian from every part and piece of their church, if that is what they teach. Because no where, NO WHERe, did Christ EVER teach that it was OK to kill your brethrens. It’s 180 degrees opposite of what Christ taught! That church should, in actuality, name itself the church of Satan. Because Satan is the killer. Not Jesus. People try to assign evil to God, and it’s not possible. Because God is Pure Goodness, and no evil can even be near God, because of that.

But it’s a difficult concept to try to consider, being Pure Goodness. We have to apply it to everything about God. For example, the sick sister, sadness, she is not part of God. God has no part sadness. God is pure Joy. There is no sadness in God. It’s impossible. And i thought about these things and i understood suddenly that i am guilty of doing the same thing, sometimes. Sometimes i try to assign evil to God. For example, i sometimes get angry thinking about baby killers, and i might write with an angry temper, and use vulgarity, and profanity. Why? Because of me, in my situation, i felt i had the right to do that. Or that i could get away with it, because of my position. But now i realized, God is Pure Goodness, and God will NEVER tell anybody that it’s OK to sin. Ever. Never. If someone said it’s OK to tell “white lies”, that’s totally wrong. Because God will never tell anybody it’s OK to lie. Ever. All liars go to the lake of fire. God will never tell anyone it’s OK to kill, or to eat flesh. Because God has already written it in His Word.

The same goes for me. God will never “let me get away with things”. I was thinking about this, and God said to me Remember in 2013 when We said you were an “example”? and i said Yes, i do remember. God said that meant that i am supposed to be showing others the Power of God in my life, by my example. So not only is it wrong for me to use profanity and such, but it is MORE important for me that i be good! Because i’m supposed to be setting an Example. I thought, Uh oh, because then i’ve been doing terrible! Oh no! But God said, that’s how we learn, it’s another way of learning, by our mistakes. And making corrections. God said you don’t go to college to become a doctor, and the next day go and perform brain surgery. It takes time and study. And God wants progress, not perfection. But it is very important to be showing improvement, and to be paying attention and learning.

I thought about this, and i realized, my writing is terrible. I am a terrible writer, and i get my words mixed up and stuff, and because of that, my example is more important than what i write down about. So i have to show improvement, otherwise i’m not learning. But God gave me all the necessary education so that i can succeed. By teaching me about Faith, and sadness, and all that, how it is God’s Nature to be cheerful, and how we can be cheerful. And how to dispose of angry temper, sadness, etc. I thought how important it is that i be as humble as i can, by example. God said a good way to be humble is to be kind and cheerful. That’s the best way to be humble. So thankfully, God has taught me everything. I still keep learning more and more.

The pureness of God, the goodness of God, i realized that is part of the infallibility of God. There is no trace of evil in God whatsoever. God would never say it’s OK to kill, or to kill animals, or to do anything against His Own Commandments. In fact, that is why sinners are not allowed in to Heaven. Because they are evil, they refuse to stop doing evil. That’s what the commandments are for, telling us to not do evil. And no evil is allowed into Heaven. All evil is cast down out of Heaven. Satan was cast out of Heaven for being evil. And the next step is, Satan is going to be cast down into hell, with all sinners and all evil, because there is no evil allowed in Heaven or in the Presence of God. It’s really very simple.

God said to me Everyone is sick of the baby killers, and We’re all disgusted by their abominations. But God said don’t be angry at them but rather, Rejoice! because baby killers and people who go around the world making a profit by killing others will never be allowed in to Heaven. Their time is coming to an end real soon. No, these people will never see what’s inside Heaven. The only thing these people are going to see is a Lake of Fire. And they won’t hurt anyone anymore. For ever, and ever. God will see to that Himself.

And that’s a Guarantee you can count on.


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