Going Off The Deep End

23 Jun

June 23, 2015

“Where do bad folks go when they die
They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly
Go to a lake of fire and fry
See them again ’till the Fourth of July” – KUrt Cobain

There is no Fourth of July in Heaven, or in hell.

Now i know, some people are asking questions, such as Who are you? Well, i have a few questions of my own. Such as, Who am i? What am i doing? How did i get here? What happened to me? But, these questions are inconsequential to me, because the only thing i care about is carrying out the will of God. Nothing else matters.

I begin to have more and more understanding. I thought about God, and us. When we first discover God, we’re not too sure who God is, and we don’t know very much about God. BEcause of this, our faith is weak at first. But through prayer, listening to God, by reading Scripture, and through making yourself available as a disciple of God, we begin to learn more and more about God. Then, the more we learn and know, then our faith also grows. Now imagine this, if you will, how much faith would you have if you didn’t just believe in God, but you actually Knew God existed, and you spoke to Him, and He spoke to you and taught you everything?

I imagined it was like being a small child, and God, our Heavenly Parents are in the pool, in the water swimming below. And here i am, small child about 50 feet above the water. And God says, Don’t be afraid, jump in! Nothing can hurt you, just jump in!. But, being a small little child, i might be pretty frightened to jump, because i don’t really know if it is safe – it looks pretty dangerous! But then, you jump! And you find out, it is safe! It’s safe, and it’s fun! It makes you want to do it again and again! Then you don’t become scared anymore. Because you know you are in Good Hands. Your Parents are God. Then when you realize that your Dad is the God of the Universe, the most Powerful God , Creator of everything, when you fully understand this, then you know you don’t have anything to be afraid of. And when you fully understand that, then you aren’t, anymore.

So in the beginning our faith is weak, and through knowledge, learning and experience we grow in strength. And then, we can all become Spiritual masters. Now i also understand that the fear of God is the beginning of Knowledge.

Proverbs Chapter 1

7 ¶ The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools
despise wisdom and instruction.

Fear of God is the beginning of KNowledge of God. Knowledge of God is the Power of God, and Understanding is the Key to the Power of God. Where do we get Understanding? Wisdom gives us Understanding. Therefore, Wisdom gives us the Keys to the Power of God. Now i can’t tell you everything i know about this, because the Power of God is very powerful. When God’s Powers manifest themself here on Earth, it is very powerful indeed. Who can withstand the Living God? Who can withstand His Powers? So if you want to have access to the Powers of God, and being the sons and daughters of God, these are your inheritance, then you must show a certain amount of responsibility.

Because the Powers of God are kind of like having a gun, and you have to show that you are responsible enough to be trusted with any Powers. To begin with, the first thing is, to have the Fear of God. Then we have to be obedient. If we are not obedient, and if we do not love God and keep His commandments, then we will never have any of the POwers of God. But by being obedient, dedicated to carrying out God’s will, and by learning wisdom and receiving understanding, then we learn. And the more responsible we are, the more privileges we are given, and the more rights we receive. But it’s important to be obedient, because the obedient children receive awards. The disobedient children spend their time in punishment. They don’t receive any rewards.

As we grow and learn and become spiritually strong, our faith also increases, and this helps us to learn and grow even more. For example, in the beginning, we don’t know God very well. But after a time, He shows us some of His Power, and He might show us a miracle. And after we have seen God’s Hand and witnessed His Power first hand, then we begin to know that God is very real, and everything that Scripture says about Him is real, and then you become to Know God. That’s when we understand things such as, God says not to fear anybody who can kill your body, but to fear God. Because it’s like God says to us, Don’t worry about those mean kids at school. If they beat you up or even shoot you and kill you, don’t worry. You and me are going to live in Heaven, for ever. And I will take those evil kids and throw them into the Fire, and they will burn forever. And you Know He will. So you pray for those mean kids, so that doesn’t happen to them.

What do i mean, becoming spiritual masters? I mean, achieving mastery over spirits. Such as we learned about in the Shepard of Hermas. For example, when we master the spirit of suffering, we no longer have to suffer. When we master the spirit of sadness, we no longer feel sad. And so forth. How do we do this? Through the Power of God, the Power of the Heavenly Spirits. Through study, meditation, which is just sitting around, quietly thinking, Scripture and Prayer. The best way to learn, and the only way to receive Understanding and KNowledge of God is through direct communication with God.

Who can do this? Anybody can do this. When you have an interest in something, such as a vocation, or a hobby, and you really enjoy it, you spend your time thinking about it, studying about it, learning about it, watching videos about it, and it may take up your free time. Now, if we do the same with God, when we discover God, then that is how we learn about God. I thought about God, and i love God very much, and i would never say anything blasphemous about God. But i was thinking, learning about God is kind of like receiving a Magic Kit. And you can do all kinds of things with your Magic Kit, you just have to study and learn all about it. Then you can get really good at it.

IN Shepard of Hermas, for example, we are taught about sadness, and we learn sadness is the sister of doubtful mind and angry temper. These are earthy spirits, and they are weak compared to Heavenly Spirits, such as Faith. But, if we let them in to our mind, for example, we start feeling sad, then we start to have doubts and worries, or we might get angry, then we have to recognize that the sick sister of sadness has snuck into our mind, and made us feel sad. So we cast her out! GEt out of here, you sick sister of sadness, and you and your sick sisters, angry temper and doubtful mind with you! Because doubtful mind also has another sick sister that hangs out with her called worry. And so we cast them out. Ask the Angel of Righteousness to keep them away. Flee from all evil thoughts. We are taught how important it is to control our tongues, and what we say. But i thought, what about our thoughts? Why do we have evil thoughts? We are not told to be careful what we think, but we are told to control what we say. Because i don’t think we can control our thoughts. For example, when i sleep, i have no control over what thoughts i have while i’m asleep, such as dreaming. So we are to flee from all evil thoughts, and control our tongues and speaking. But these are just bits and pieces. If you really want to know, read and study and learn everything you can about God, and pray and ask God for Wisdom, and Understanding. But you have to be obedient, and doing the best that you can, every day. But it’s not that hard. Anybody can do it.

I was also reading the book by Mother Teresa. She is very wise, and i learn a lot of stuff from her. She is very pious. I want to read more of her writings if i have time. I want to learn everything i can about God. I noticed in Mother Teresa writings, she writes from a nuns point of view. She considers herself to be the wife, or spouse of Jesus. Now that is because she is a woman. Me, i am the son of God, and i don’t consider myself marrying Jesus. He’s my Brother, because He is also the Son of God. And we can see from Scripture, there really is no getting married in Heaven.

St. Mark Chapter 12

24 And Jesus answering said unto them, Do ye not therefore err,
because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God?
25 For when they shall rise from the dead, they neither marry, nor are
given in marriage; but are as the angels which are in heaven.
26 And as touching the dead, that they rise: have ye not read in the
book of Moses, how in the bush God spake unto him, saying, I am
the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob?
27 He is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living: ye
therefore do greatly err.

No, in Heaven no one gets married. There is the Marriage between the Church, and Christ but that’s it. For one thing, everyone is like angels, neither male, nor female, but one. Unity. Complete. They are made whole. But Scripture does refer to the Church as the Bride of Christ. Now this is a figurative way of speaking. The same way it is figuratively speaking when Jesus said, Here , eat this piece of bread, because I am the bread, and everyone is going to eat My Body. We don’t literally eat Jesus body. Figuratively speaking. The same way we don’t literally each individually marry Jesus either. We love Jesus that much, even more, and that is what is referring to. The apostles, when Jesus taught them, Here eat this bread, you must eat My body, some of the apostles quit. They couldn’t take it, and they walked off. The other apostles told Jesus – This is an hard saying! who can take it? because for some people it turned them away. As for me, i understand i am going to Heaven to be with my Heavenly Father, God, and my Heavenly MOther, and Jesus, because i am the son of God. It’s not just Jesus in Heaven, our Father and our Mother are waiting there for us too. We neither marry, nor are given in marriage.

Now i say the same thing about Jesus commanding us not to eat meat, because it is an abomination to God. This is an hard saying! who can take it? Then i understood, i remembered the Scripture about the pearl of great price. If you recognize that you can purchase a pearl of great price for a really great deal, then you would not consider that you were making a sacrifice at all. But rather, you were getting a great bargain at a tremendous price. So i have to ask, how much would you be willing to give, to get in to Heaven, and live for Eternity with God? Just how much is it worth to you, and what would you be willing to give? Or would you consider it a sacrifice too great to make?


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