Shall We Overcome?

20 Jun

June 19, 2015

Well i begin to understand a little bit more. God teaches me everything. Some good things, some sad things, and some things i can’t tell others about. Sad things, such as , we all remember the story about Lazarus and the rich man. Now i know, some people are going to say, He always talks about Lazarus. But there are so many facets to that parable. It’s more than 2D or 3D. There is a lot to be learned. Such as, i read in some other HOly Scriptures that part of our Judgment, when we go to Judgment Day, is that we will see our enemies burn. We will watch those people in torment. This is what i believe the Story about Lazarus also demonstrates, the victim and his enemy see each other, one in Heaven, the other is in hell. It’s part of God’ Holy Righteousness and Justice. So some things we learn are fun, and some are not as fun. But we need to know these things, so we can make wise decisions, even if they are sad. That’s exactly how we can avoid them, by learning about them first.

However, God can, and does teach people great Wisdom, and mysteries, and gives Understanding. God can make people as wise as Solomon. Now back in the days of Solomon they didn’t have TVS and internet and all that, so Solomon probably spent every single day talking with Wisdom and learning everything. God can make you that wise too, if you pray and Ask. But for God to hear your prayers, you must keep His Commandments, and obey His Law. And you have to make yourself available to hear, and it’s a very noisy world we live in today.

Something i just realized too, is that we shall overcome. Not that we hope we will overcome, not that we wish that we would overcome, nor that maybe we might overcome, but we shall overcome. This is now a nother Basic Truth, something that i Know is True. I thought about fools, and i realized why you can’t teach fools anything. Why? Because they are fools. Like, for example, God tells everyone they have a choice to go to Heaven, or to hell. And many people choose hell! It’s just like the days of Noah. No one believed Noah. Now i also thought about God, and i realized, God could just look down on Earth and cause there to be a big earthquake and kill everyone, and then burn everything up. Because that is what is going to happen. But i realized, God told everyone first. Because, otherwise, no one might know it was actually God’s Hand that caused the destruction of Babylon. Also i discovered that of course, how else is Babylon going to be fallen, unless it is the servants of God, fulfilling their missions in God’s work, that causes Babylon to fall. How else? It’s like, how is the Church going to get built, if everyone is just sitting around talking about it? It’s not. It’s not going to build itself. Like Mariah Carey said, ‘We’re going to make it happen”. That’s how things get done, because we make them happen.

But, more than that, even more, God told everyone of the coming destruction, the end of the world, Judgment Day, not because He wants everyone to know it was Him, but because He wants everyone to be saved! Otherwise, we would all just perish in our sins, if He never gave us a chance. So it was a really really nice thing that God did, telling us all about the coming Scripture fulfillment of the Holy Bible, to wit, Revelation book of. It was a really super nice thing that God did for all of us. To tell us how to save ourselves, and live in Heaven and avoid going to eternal torment. God said Get into Heaven Free! but many people declined.

Now we begin to see that people think God is mean, and all this and that, but God is very kind and loving, first and foremost. He is our Father, and He loves us because we are His children. He wants everyone to go to Heaven! Who would say No? If they say, Form two lines, one for Heaven, and one for hell, some people would ask, Which line do i get into for everlasting torment and fire? Unbelievable!

Now, it is the same as it was in Sodom, and when God destroyed that city, or rather, those cities were destroyed, He also went and notified them first. The angels appeared to Lot, and told Lot to gather all his daughters, and sons-in-laws, everyone, and flee the city because it was going to be destroyed. But the son in laws didn’t believe Lot.

Genesis Chapter 19

And the men said to Lot, Hast thou here sons-in-law, or sons or
daughters, or if thou hast any other friend in the
city, bring them out of this place. For we are
going to destroy this place; for their cry has b
een raised up before the Lord, and the Lord has
sent us to destroy it. And Lot went out, and
spoke to his sons-in-law who had married his
daughters, and said, Rise up, and depart out of
this place, for the Lord is about to destroy the
city; but he seemed to be speaking absurdly before his sons-in-law.

Now i have to tell you that this is from the Septuagint, the Greek language version of the Holy Bible. And according to history, the Septuagint is an older, and less translated version of the Holy Bible, plus it includes all the original Books, many which were later removed. So it is actually a more original Holy Bible version than King James version. But fortunately, we still have this Greek language version. And it’s interesting, because the Septuagint says this about what people can eat.

Genesis Chapter 9

. And every reptile which is
living shall be to you for meat,
I have given all things to you
as the green herbs. But flesh
with blood of life ye shall not eat.

In the King James version, we are told we can eat moving things

KJV Genesis Chapter 9

3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the
green herb have I given you all things.
4 But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye
not eat.

Learn about the Septuagint

However, i don’t think people should eat any living creatures. People are designed to live on plants entirely. And we don’t want to do anything that would be an abomination to God. If we do, we’ll be thrown into the lake of fire! Such as those folks in Sodom. When Lot told them the city was going to be destroyed, they probably laughed real loud and said yeah right, let’s get drunk! Then after Lot left town, they were sitting there getting drunk and BLAM! five cities got vaporized. There wasn’t anything left, but smoke and ash. And all those sinners suddenly found themselves in eternal torment. Many will never get out. But whose fault was it? God sent them an angel and notified them beforehand! The same thing God did, He sent Noah to tell everyone, and no one listened. So when people end up in eternal torment, it’s not because God is mean. It’s because people didn’t believe God, and they didn’t obey God. It’s their own fault. It’s really sad. They were told, but they didn’t listen! Why don’t the people believe? That’s one thing i can’t figure out.

I understand now that we can’t go to the Big Party! in Heaven, until we get our Chores done and get ourselves Cleansed up first. Then we can go. I know, i know, no one likes doing chores! But chores must be done first, before we can go. Kind of like learning, we have to learn the first things first. Because if God just told us everything, all at once, we wouldn’t be able to understand it. Or if He told us something too early, we wouldn’t understand. Kind of like having to learn basic math before we can learn algebra. And, we don’t graduate college, the second day we go there. No, you have to go to college for years and years before you can graduate. I also remembered what God said in 2013, when She went on a walk with me and She told me “When you’re going down the path, remember to look up sometimes because we might miss seeing an eagle, or a raven. Or the Stars”. And i think God also was telling us, Aim high! Reach for the Stars! Don’t forget to look to the Heavens! God lives in the Heavens. Man is feeble, small and weak. But God’s Sword can reach from Earth to Heavens.

‘I also thought about God’s children, and how if they use their toys to hurt the other kids and animals they’re going to get their toys taken away and they’re going to get spanked.

Now i went back and read the Book of Enoch again, and now it makes more sense to me. I can’t even remember, because i think it was two years ago that i read it. God teaches me everything. It’s very powerful knowledge, very amazing. As some people might say, it is Strong Medicine.


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