Field Tested, Mother Approved

20 Jun

June 20, 2015

One thing i learned from God is what Jesus means when He tells us to pray for our enemies. At first, this seems like a real foreign concept. But let’s say for example that somebody in a fit of rage murdered you. Would you not already pray beforehand that if anyone murdered you that you would forgive them, and hope that they too can be saved? Yes, of course you would pray for them. Maybe after they murdered you they would feel so terrible that they might repent to God, and be saved and be also allowed to live in Heaven, the same as you and i. Now if me, for example, in my younger years i was willing to risk my life by drunk driving around. Now if i was willing to risk my life for a drunk driving accident, shouldn’t i at least be willing to risk my life to try and save one person from going to eternal torment? Of course. If i died, and by me dying, one person could be saved, then it would be worth something. Now when you begin to understand this as i do, then you will know that you have become a Christian. Because otherwise, as Jesus said, you are no different from your enemies.

I have mentioned a few times how it is our duty, our responsibility to carry out God’s will. We pray it daily in the Lord’s Prayer. And i try to remind people all the time, only those who carry out God’s will are the ones who go to Heaven. Now why is this? Because it is God’s will to save your soul. And if you don’t carry out God’s will, your soul will not be saved. Now if your own child turned against you and hated you and was against you in all ways, you would do the same thing that God will do to His own children who turn against Him- cast them out. This is the same way on Earth that it is in Heaven. Then, i thought about how God’s will is done here on Earth. It is done by the servants of God carrying out God’s will. So we can begin to see, that it is very important to carry out God’s will. In fact, it is the most important thing to do. God’s will is much more important than carrying out mans will. There is nothing more important. Your spiritual life depends on it, and it will determine where you spend Eternity. It’s the same as when you are a small child here on Earth. Your very life depends on listening and being obedient to your parents.

I thought about eating, and how it is an abomination to God for people to eat flesh. WE are commanded not to. But there still remains confusion and some people have questions still about what they should, or should not eat, according to God’s Law. Thankfully, God provides us with answers to all our questions, and puts our minds at ease, about anything we want to know. God makes it easy for us to succeed. Earthly spirits are very weak and cause us to fail. But Heavenly Spirits are very strong and cause us to succeed. Why is there any question at all? God commands us in GEnesis that fruits and vegetables are given to us for our food. Answer solved. But still there are the Scriptures that say that you can eat reptiles, or moving things. So that causes people confusion. Now mind you, if people can so distort the Holy Bible to make it seem that it says it’s OK to kill, then they will also distort the Word of God so to make it seem that God says it’s OK to eat meat, which is in direct violation of God’s commandment. And we have it in writing, in Scriptures.

Gospel of the Holy Twelve Lection 33

1. IESUS was teaching his disciples in the outer court of the Temple and one of them said unto him: Master, it is said by the priests that without shedding of blood there is no remission. Can then the blood offering of the law take away sin?
2. And Iesus answered: No blood offering, of beast or bird, or man, can take away sin, for how can the conscience be purged from sin by the shedding of innocent blood? Nay, it will increase the condemnation.

It increases the condemnation. The people are just piling sins upon sins.

Now if it weren’t for the Dead Sea scrolls that were found, we may have never realized what Jesus True teachings were about eating food. Again, we have a perfect example of how important it is to carry out God’s will. Because we see that the servants of God were so directed to bury their scrolls in certain places, because God knew that they would be found in a certain age, decoded, and the Truth, which cannot be hid, would be revealed to the world. And by so doing, many souls will be saved. Yours and mine included.

Now some people might say, oh, those Books aren’t included in the Bible, therefore, we don’t believe in them, and we don’t believe Jesus said those things. Well, if the people would study and learn about Scripture, they would most likely believe, because it is very clear, to those who understand. But, Jesus taught us in many different ways. Jesus taught us by what He said, by speaking to us. And He taught us secrets and mysteries by teaching us also in parables. And Jesus also taught us by His actions, and this was His example that He set forth. So we can learn to follow Jesus’ example, because this is also His teaching.

So now we know that Jesus was an Essene, we know that the Essenes were vegetarians, and we know this by the Holy Bible, because Jesus was a Nazarene, which was a sect of the Essenes in Nazareth. That’s how they got the name Nazarenes. So if certain men crept in, unawares, and were able to remove every reference that was written, where Jesus said not to eat meat, somehow, then we would still have Jesus example as a vegetarian. And thus, we know the Truth about what we should eat. Jesus has to teach us the same teachings as His Father, and we should try to follow His example as closely as we can. Because we want to know the Truth, and we want to carry out God’s will. Why? Because our spiritual lives depend on it, and if you screw this up, your going to end up paying for it forever. These are the directions to get in to Heaven, and if we don’t follow the directions, we won’t find our way.

Acts of the Apostles Chapter 24

5 For we have found this man a pestilent fellow, and a mover of
sedition among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of
the sect of the Nazarenes:
That’s also what i understand, about our generation, which is one of the worst generations. The people have turned completely away from God, and are given to nothing but sinning. The people are just piling sin upon sin. It’s going to be very bad for them. When they are told about God’s Law and they disobey, then they just keep piling up sins on themselves. And if they don’t stop and be forgiven, they will be punished forever. Just as Jesus told us, beforehand.


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