The Power Of Nothing

12 Jun

June 12, 2015

Well i understand a few new things now that i was reading the Shepherd of Hermas. Quite a few things i understand better. It’s very amazing, indeed.

One thing i thought about is how doubtful-mindedness causes people to fail, while faith is strong, and causes people to succeed. It was said that doubtful-mindedness has no power, being an earthly spirit. But i thought to myself, if it has no power, then, how can it succeed in overcoming faith? Then i understood that the only power that doubtful-mindedness has is the power to cause you to fail. But later on, i realized even more, that doubtful-mindedness really does have no power, at all. For example, lets say you have the power of faith in your hand, maybe it’s symbolized as a hammer, and you are doing the works of faith. But then, if you put down the hammer, and pick up doubtful-mindedness instead, which is nothing, then you are unable to do the work of faith. Because you put down your faith and are now holding nothing in your hand, which has no power.

Also i thought about how everyone has two angels, one wicked, and one righteous. So, it seems to me that all one needs to do is to have the wicked angel removed, then i can just hang out with the righteous angel, only. It seems that would be expedient. HOwever, if that is not possible, the next thing i would try to do is to eliminate all the power of the wicked angel.

Another thing i begin to understand is asking for things in humility. For example, it’s nice to be familiar with God, and consider God our Friend. And so we would treat God as our Friend, just as we would treat our good friend here on Earth. Only more so. But also, i realize, that from our position, humility is necessary on our part. For example, the angel told Hermas that humility is necessary when asking God for revelations and such, and the angel chastised Hermas for his forwardness. And that makes me realize that it is a thing of reverence, to be humble before God. In a similar fashion, when we write a letter to the governor or the President, we use a more polite form of writing than if we are just talking among ourselves. So it is a way to not necessarily gain favor, for it is doing what is right, but also it is a way to avoid arousing wrath in angels and such. And that’s another thing i learned about, is not causing grief to the Holy Spirit, within us.

And the angel also told Hermas to not only pray for forgiveness of his sins, but also for entreaty of righteousness. He told him to ask for righteousness, and so that is another thing that we can learn. There is much more to be learned, and it requires some study and dedication. Later, in the twelve commandments given to Hermas, we are told to desire righteousness, just as the angel had previously told Hermas. Moreover, we are told to desire to serve the angel of righteousness.

I have been very amazed and i thought about God and i realized that God answers my prayers, even before i pray them, quite a lot of the time. I begin to understand that God has promised us Heaven, and everlasting Life, and so it must needs be that God then has to tell us how to get to Heaven. It does no good to promise us Heaven, and yet not tell us how to achieve to it. So therefore, God tells us all the things that will keep us out of Heaven, as well as all the things we need to do to get us in to Heaven. God wants us to know, because God wants everybody to go to Heaven. As obedient children, we need to know what to do, and the things not to do. And it is very amazing to me. God teaches me everything.

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