Confirmation Code Received

13 May

May 13, 2015

Well before i had said some things about some secret societies, but i realized there are some things i can say about them. Such as, they are big talkers. They are real big talkers, that’s for sure. But then i also realized, they are all sworn liars, too. So of course, you can’t believe a single word they say. Can you imagine being married to someone who only told the truth when it was beneficial to them? Listening to them talk is like sitting in the outhouse listening to people go poop. The same stuff comes out of their mouth.

And another thing i realized too. Real men don’t go and hide behind the barn and shoot their gun, or go hide in the bushes and shoot their gun. No, real men don’t do that. That’s what cowards and pussies do, and little girls who got so scared they wet their little pink panties and had to run and get their guns. I thought about that, and that’s when i realized, that is what my Confirmation Code is. Wet Pink Panties. When i see the wet pink panties all running for their guns, for two years or more, then i know my Mission was Successful.

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