Holy Breath

19 Apr

April 19, 2015

Well just about everytime i think i get things figured out, i come to the realization yet again, that i know nothing. The more i learn and understand seems the more i have to keep seeking. Until i finally do fully understand. But until then i can’t hardly understand anything. So i have to stick with what i do know. And that is follow the teachings of Jesus and keep the commandments of God. Because we don’t have to understand all mysteries. No, we just have to trust and obey. Try to understand the best we can, and little by little we learn. But for me, i fell into the same trap i wrote about when people fall into the trap of “thinking they know”. I was deficient in my understanding.

I thought about how God is Pure Goodness. Pure Love. Nothing evil can approach Pure Goodness. God, being Pure Love does not reject any. Only people reject God, which is Pure Love. But by doing so, the moment people reject God, they reject Pure Love. They don’t love Pure Love. They don’t Love their Mother. And so they, at that moment, they are deficient, because they are not also Pure Love, then they are rejected by Pure Love. Because they have rejected Her through their deficiency which then causes Pure Love to reject them because they are deficient.

One thing i notice about learning Wisdom, or Understanding is that it requires a solid foundation of “common sense”. Jesus said, i believe, that if He tells us Earthly things, and we don’t believe, how can we believe the Heavenly things He tells us. Likewise, if people don’t have common sense, they are not going to be able to learn Wisdom, or receive understanding, because the basis of, or the foundation of understanding is basic common sense. The stone the builders rejected. A good example is – people want to understand Scripture. And yet, they cannot understand even the most basic commandment “Do not kill”. So if people can’t understand even that simple phrase, it may be hard to make them understand more complicated ideas. And if they can’t understand why they should not kill their brothers, then you will have a lot of problems trying to teach them anything. They will never understand any of the commandments.

Another example i thought of, where people don’t understand very basic things, is take the military for example. The first thing they do in the military is cut your hair, and remove your brain. Because they tell you Don’t think, Don’t ask questions, just do what you are told. And so these people have brains, but they are not allowed to use them. People are disallowed from thinking, and punished for being “disobedient” and using their brains to think for themselves. And that is why the military is allowed to go around killing innocent people and doing harm. Because no one is allowed to use their brains to think about things and they are punished, if they do. No one will disobey the orders to kill innocent people, because they are too scared to disobey their slave orders. The three basic general orders they have are Don’t think, don’t ask questions, do what you are told. The military does not want brave people. If a person is brave and stands up against the military, they will lock that person up and throw them out of the military, because that person will not blindly follow orders. Without thinking.

That reminds me of doctors. I thought they were well educated, spending years at school. But what are they teaching the doctors? Oh, it’s good to inject mercury into people? Why not slam aluminum directly into people’s blood stream! Are they teaching doctors that it is good for people to inject swine DNA and DNA from animals and creatures directly into people? And the doctors are believing them? This whole idea of taking a special needle and injecting things directly into the body is unnatural. Especially when people start injecting poisons and garbage into themselves. These needles and such, i think these are fairly new “medical” ideas, and people survived for thousands of years without getting any shots at all. This seems like some sort of “medical technology” from the Nazis.

I thought about the Bible, and the Words contained therein. Now it does no good to just carry the Bible around. It does no good to just read the Bible. No, the only benefit you can get from the Bible is if you read the words and you DO what the words TELL you to do. It’s like a highway sign on the freeway that says “Caution 10 miles per hour ahead”. The sign does no good if you just carry it in your truck, or read the words and don’t slow down. But you must slow down. Because if you do not DO what the sign says then you will crash and burn. Only you can save yourself. No one else can save you. Words are very important. They can save people’s lives. But people need to be paying attention, otherwise all the words in the world won’t do them a bit of good. Some words fell on good soil, and some words fell on the rocks.

The other day i read a headline that said the pope warned his priests not to “flirt with worldly spiritualism”. I had to laugh, and i wondered to myself if he was fidgeting with his Dagon hat when he said that. I bet the pope doesn’t like it if people bring steelhead and salmon fishing gear around him. I think about the pope, and the Jews, and the Christians, and i see the whole world has gone mad. No one is following Jesus teachings. Man has sown a lot of evil in this world, and the harvest is just about ripe.

I remember back around 1992 was when i first learned about “healing”. That is, i met a guy named Simka, and he owned a restaurant next door to where i lived. He was an interesting guy, very kind, but firm, and stern. I don’t really know what his religion was, he was a black man and he wore a knit style cap, so i thought he practiced a different religion than Christians. But Simka was a stout defender of God, and of Jesus. Whenever anyone cursed their name, Simka would tell them forcefully “Hey, He didn’t have anything to do with it. Leave His Name out of it”. Anyway, Simka had the coffee shop and a lot of people went to him for advice, widows and such. One day i got my rib broken, and a few days later i was talking to Simka. And he said Where does it hurt at? and i showed him, and he touched my rib with his finger, and i felt the pain got numbed! I was pretty stunned, because before that, i was a non believer. But i felt the pain got numbed, so i knew there was something to it. Simka didn’t tell me anything about it. He just showed it to me. After that, i believed in healing, and that helped me to try and learn more about it later.

I still don’t know what it is, and even my own reality has been reshaped and warped since then. It is just another one of life’s mysteries that we don’t understand. Yet. But fortunately God has made it simple for us. We don’t have to understand a lot of complicated things. No, Jesus taught us everything we need to know to save ourselves in the New Testament. We keep God’s commandments. Anybody can understand Jesus’ teachings, and that’s all we really need to know.

But one thing i finally have begun to understand, since i was reading about how people are so closely related to chimpanzees. So that’s why it seems like we really are living on the planet of the apes!

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