Sun Dial

16 Apr

April 16, 2015

I begin to understand that for all those who obey God’s commandments and repent, and stop sinning, those folks will be going to a Banquet in Heaven! Isn’t that something!

I also understand that those who do not obey God’s commandments, such as eating meat, and killing, they are going to a barbecue. I understand they are going to have a hog roast. This is the Recipe for the hog roast: Turn oven on Roast. Pour in hogs. Poke with a fork and add salt periodically. Cook for Eternity. But you don’t have to turn them. They turn themselves!

Some people said i’m too rough. But when the fireman comes to your house and tells you your house in on fire, he SCREAMS at you! Do something! Take action! Because he’s trying to help you. He doesn’t want you to get roasted.

Yesterday i read about the Hopi prophecies again and a few things stood out to me. Such as, the Hopi guy said that they need to keep the “original teachings”. Meaning the spoken traditions that they carried with them since the beginning of the world, and their religious beliefs they have had since as long as they can remember. Centuries. But also the term “original teachings” strikes a familiar chord within myself. Because i believe what happened to me when i was a little baby, still inside my mother’s womb, the HOly Spirit dwelt with me and taught me all things. God wrote His Laws on my heart. And this didn’t just happen to me, i believe this happened to everybody. And when the Hopi guy talks about the “original teachings”, this is what it makes me think of.

This is how we came to know right from wrong, this is our inner conscience voice. Do you listen to your conscience? or do you try and tune it out and ignore it? This is what i believe for myself, and i believe it could be True for others as well. Sometimes i tend to think everyone is like me. Everyone should know all the things i know and understand all the things i understand, and i can’t understand why they don’t. But then i realize, i am not like everybody else. I am, but i am not exactly the same.

I have begun in the past few days to look at the stars, and the universe, planets, constellations, the Heavens, not as just a “natural environment” but i recognize the Universe is a big Clock. Now what Enoch said in his book about how God showed Enoch the behind the scenes of how the constellations were set forth. And it is like a clockwork mechanism. Very interesting. I mean, the Heavens and the constellations, the Stars and so forth, they are so much like a clock mechanism, you could set your calendars by them. You could set your clocks by them!


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