Interesting Facts

14 Apr

April 13, 2015

One thing i keep forgetting to mention is not just about the sons of God, but also the Daughters of God. I take it for granted in my mind and i don’t mention it often enough. But whenever i talk about the sons of God i also mean the daughters too, nonetheless. The daughters are included in everything too! I didn’t write it down, that’s why i kept forgetting about it.

And i mentioned how God told us that the sons of God are obedient, and they put away their childish ways, such as disobedience, and they become the sons of God. Awhile After tha,t God told me that He had received quite a few new sons. I was pleasantly surprised! Sometime later, God said He also received quite a few more sons and daughters! God said He received quite a few from the Free Masons. Now isn’t that something! I told God, It’s a good day! And God said It’s a very good day!

I thought about the Scripture where Jesus tells us that in the end days, the bad people will deceive the people, even the very elect, with signs and wonders in the Heavens. I usually think about this being something in the future. But now i think about it being all the fake NASA stuff, the moon “landing” cough cough Everything fake from NASA. Below i found another good example, where NASA “scientists” claim that even though the Mercury probe ran out of fuel about ten years ago, they are still getting pictures from it. I think the only thing real that we get from NASA is the bill.

Interesting facts, alright


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