On Our Own

10 Apr

April 10, 2015

Today i have quite a bit more understanding. Such as, how humans have gone through a process of evolution, not physically, but spiritually. People have evolved from stone throwing, incompassionate, judgmental people into people who are compassionate, caring and just. Well, some have, anyway.

I also realize DNA does not change, and that is why man stays the same throughout the ages. People don’t have a baby and say Hey, what did you have this time? No, people’s DNA only changes when it is damaged or polluted with poisons. I also understand that God is a vegetarian, and we were created in His Image.

And i realize if people miss the Rapture, then they will have to die. The Rapture is the only chance people have to escape death. The people can still make it to Heaven and they won’t have to be martyrs. But they will have to die.

There are other things i also realize and begin to Understand. And one of the things that i Understand is that some things that i understand must remain Sealed at this time. But i also learned about people. And i realize that if people can’t learn to figure things out, then you can never teach them anything. For example, i could tell everyone the answer to the math question is 2xsubzSquare root of some three level formula. The people would have the correct answer to the question, but they would still have no Understanding of how we got the answer. So if the people can’t figure out the formula, then you can’t teach them. Because they haven’t gotten to that level yet.  And yet i see another basic Truth. Some people never learn.

And if people can’t figure things out on their own, well, you really can’t help them. Unless you just follow them around constantly, telling them what to do, trying to get them to listen. And i realize that the reason some people don’t understand what i’m saying is because they can’t get Understanding from me. I can’t give them Understanding. They can see my Understanding, but they have to get their own Understanding from the same place i got mine. Which is from Wisdom, our Heavenly Mother, the HOly Spirit. The only place people can get their own Understanding is from God. They can see mine, but they need to get their own. People may think i am here to give them Understanding. Not so.

I am not here to give everyone my Understanding as much as i am here to help people learn how to get their own Understanding. I may be in Advanced Understanding class, while my brothers are just starting out, and so i can’t expect them to understand everything that i understand. They may not be able to Understand that yet, because they did not start out in the beginning and get that far yet.

So now i am going to leave everyone with their own exercise, which is to get their own Understanding. Pray to God for Wisdom, and Understanding. I pray for all my brethrens to receive the HOly Spirit. Especially my wounded brethrens, the veterans, because i understand that war wounds not only the flesh, but also wounds the spirit, and the soul. So i pray that my Mother will reach out and comfort all my brethrens who are wounded, children, men, women and all who ask for comfort, Peace of mind and Understanding. Because these are truly unselfish things to ask for.

And now as we leave our childish things behind, such as smoking, and drinking, and eating meat, and being unholy and unclean and disobedient, we become men. And then we become the sons of God. No longer children, but Sons.

And so now you have all learned how to get Understanding, and now i leave you all on your own to seek for Understanding, and to find it.

And so i say to all, don’t hurt anyone or anybody in thought, word, or deed. Because these three are all the same to God. But love your brethrens as yourself, even as God has loved you.


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