Worse Instead Of Better

7 Apr

April 06, 2015

I thought about the variable sentencing Jesus talks about, of people who are sent to hell. Jesus says that some get out, after their time is served. They get punished, but at some point, they get let out. And then they must go to Heaven. They must, i don’t know where else they would go. They would be “purified by fire”. NOw this starts to make sense about why the world is getting worse, and why would God design it this way. Because at the end of all the cycles, you would have all the spiritually poor people in power, controlling people, people’s lives, wealth and such. At the end of the cycle it seems that you would end up with all the worst ones on top, and all the spiritually rich people on the bottom. Why? Why would God design it this way, if He did? Because, i believe, because God is Just. And i’ll tell you why i think He did it this way.

Apparently, we aren’t just born, live one life, then we are subject to the world around us, basically “victims”, then we die and are judged for that one life. Apparently, we go through many lives. And if God created this plan, then it is probably not just some random accident that people are born into certain circumstances. I imagine God’s Plan is watching over all these souls, His Children, and then putting them in to bodies and places where it will be His Plan. So towards the end of the cycle, God has pretty much figured out all His Children. Which ones obey and which ones do not obey. God has watched them for a long time and He knows them. Now lets say you get toward the end of the cycle, and some of the spirit children are just downright mean and will not be taught. They refuse to acknowledge God and just live for themselves alone. Some are worse than others. As God moves these spirits around, and puts them through different training courses, at the end of the cycle God knows which ones are the worst ones.

So what is God going to do with the worst ones? The people who refuse to acknowledge God and instead, they authorize the killing of thousands, even millions of innocent people. Will God make them weak, or put them in a position of power? I believe, that being Just, God will put them in positions of power. Because God probably already knows by now which of the spirit children are Never going to recognize God. These will never recognize God, no matter what. So i believe that God puts the worst of the worst into great power. God gives them enough rope to hang themselves. Now the people could convert, and do good instead, and redeem themselves. But the worst ones never will. And God knows this. And because of the variable sentencing for hell, these worst ones will, by killing thousands and millions of people, they will earn themselves an Eternal sentence in Hell. They will Never get out. As Jesus said, those who will not be saved will be utterly consumed. So by design, these worst ones earn a much worse sentence, because they were put into positions of power. This is not just a random thing. This is part of the Justice. It’s all part of the Training, but those who fail the Training still have to face the Justice.

So these people think they are getting ahead while they are on Earth, making money, getting rich by killing. But, they fail to see that they are only killing themselves. On Earth, they can only lock you up for about a hundred years. But in Heaven, they can lock people in hell for Eternity. Tens,Thousands, Millions of years, up to Eternity.

And with a system like that, you would end up with people burning and suffering in hell for Eternity. But only the worst of the worst. The ones who would never learn. They would never repent, and stop sinning, because the money was too good.

God is very Wise and Powerful and He loves His children very much, and He takes good care of them. He doesn’t want any of them to be lost and go to hell. God wants all His children to live in Heaven with Him. But i guess, in that way, some men actually do thwart God’s Plan for all His children to live in HEaven, because some of them choose to go to hell instead.


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