Generation Z

7 Apr

April 06, 2015

Hmm. I realized after reading the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, i was understanding more, yet at the same time i was having more questions. Now after thinking about things some more, i do understand a few more things. Such as, why the world is getting worse, instead of better, and how God is Just. Not just Just as in Human terms, but Pure Justice. And a few other things too. Such as the parable of the Pharisee praying, saying I’m so glad i’m not like that taxgatherer, because i tithe and all this and that, and i’m better. While the taxgatherer was repentant and said God, i’m a terrible sinner, please forgive me! This is a parable about the Pharisee, who is the modern day Christian praying and a Free Mason praying. Because when we read the Bible and it talks about the Pharisees and scribes, who Jesus called hypocrites!, these are the same people running the “temples”, or churches, today. The same as in Jesus day.

Now the first thing we should do when we try to find out the Truth is to throw out all the false notions. Throw out all false assumptions. So, to begin with, lets throw out the false assumption that God is not Just. God is Just. Pure Justice. There will not be found any injustice in God, whatsoever. So, lets look at an example. Let’s say, a young man turns 18. And he goes to work, and one day he shows up to work and his boss says, Just do what i tell you. Don’t ask why, don’t disobey me, just do what i tell you. Now, take this gun and go over there and start shooting those people. So the young man does what his boss said. Why? Why didn’t he say no? Why didn’t he say, if you want that guy dead, you go shoot him? He didn’t ask why, he went and shot those people. The kid didn’t even know any better, because he was never taught by anyone. So, if the kid dies after killing those people, will he have to spend eternity in hell, because some guy tricked him? Because he didn’t know any better, because he didn’t receive any good teaching? Is that Just? Is it fair to that one guy to spend eternity in hell because of that? I don’t think so. Of course not. Because by and of himself, the kid wasn’t being evil or mean, he was being naive and deceived. He was told what he was doing was “just” and “honorable” and it was “his duty” and the kid did what he thought he was supposed to do.

Now that’s another thing Earth Mother told me in 2013. That generally speaking, God does not convict people for not knowing any better. Ignorance of the law is an excuse, in God’s sight. Now that is Just. Because how can you hold someone accountable to that which they don’t even know? So anytime we have a question about God, we look to see if it has True Justice. Because God is Just. Now, let’s throw out another false notion. Another false assumption. And this false assumption is that man is somehow going to outsmart God, or man is going to somehow overthrow God, or overturn God’s Plans, or that man in any way even has a chance to try and thwart God. An example i thought of is a farmer, and a chicken. And the chicken is out in his pen one day looking around, and he sees the farmer getting in the pickup. And the chicken thinks to himself, You know, i’m going to break out of this pen and overthrow that farmer, and then i’m going to take over this ranch. And the first thing i’m going to do is trade that Dodge in for a Ford. Now man has even less chance than that chicken of overthrowing God, or somehow thwarting God’s Plans. So we can remember this too.

So, an example of this then might be, man thinking that he is going to mess up God’s plans, and somehow this man is going to do some harm to God, or to God’s children. Well, we know God, and we know better. But this guy, he thinks he is smarter than God. He thinks he is going to outfox God. So, he thinks to himself that he can’t really see God, but he can hurt God’s children. So he’s going to try and attack God by attacking God’s children. This man, he thinks he’s pretty wise, and he devises a plan where he can deceive men and cause them to sin, and he thinks thereby, he can cause these people to lose their souls. Because he outwitted them, and God, and now whatever he did to them, he thinks he costed them their eternal souls in hell. But now, we can see, this is not possible. Because, God is Just. And no man is going to thwart God’s Plans. Jesus also tells us this – that no one is going to snatch God’s child.

If people on Earth take good care of their babies, do you think that God takes Excellent Care of His Children? Don’t you think, being God, God’s children are going to be protected by an INvincible Force? No one can hurt God’s babies. And that’s one of those false assumptions we threw out. Could you possibly think that God is up in Heaven, saying to Himself, Oh no! Now i’ve lost another child to eternal hell, because some man tricked Me? Oh gosh, there’s just nothing I can do to keep those pesky men from outsmarting Me! And look, there go all My children in hell, because I can’t take care of them. Oh gosh, I’m losing all My Children to hell, because men keep outfoxing Me and overthrowing My Plans!

I don’t think so.

No, i don’t think so. Because God is God, and infinitely wise, and just, and foreknowledge, and Everything else, i know God has a better Plan than that. And i know that no man has any chance of overthrowing God’s plans or hurting any of God’s children. There is just no way. It’s not possible.

Scripture also tells us that men will be “judged according to their works”. It doesn’t say men will be judged by how much they got deceived or lied to or treated unfairly, but by “their own works”. Not what someone else did. Scripture also tells us that God chooses the poor to be the rich in spirit. And by reverse engineering, we can see that God then chooses the poor in spirit to be the rich people on Earth. Now how could God do that, unless we were going through regeneration? And why would God do that? That would also seem to explain why the world is getting worse. Because the rich in spirit are all poor, and the poor in spirit are all rich, and they are in charge and running everything.

Why? Because that’s the way God made it. All these different people going around in various stages of learning their lessons. Or not. Now i think the big issue is that people learn that there is a God, and they seek Him out. Then when they find Him, the worship and obey Him. These people believe in God. Some people don’t believe. The regenerations are so that they will learn. But, if by the last generation, Generation Z, these souls still do not recognize God, nor do they know that God is their Father, and they are beholden to Him, well, they never will. Because this is the last generation. They had all those lifetimes to learn. Now there is one last chance for these folks, and it is called the Tribulation. And this is so that people have help believing in God. These folks didn’t believe in God, so God is going to help them out. He’s going to help them to believe. Because, if the people don’t believe during Tribulation, they will be lost forever. No more regenerations. The cycle is completed. Then, of all of God’s children, the only ones who will survive, are those who obeyed God.

Particularly in this last generation. Because this is the last chance. After this life, there are no more generations to come. So if you are not saved by God when you die now, you never will be. It’s crunch time. Everyone is going. Either to Heaven, or to hell. Everyone is going to have to make their own personal choice.

I think the Tribulation is like what they called Posmo, in basic training at the Navy. It’s some extra conditioning and exercising that some people had to do to help them learn to become obedient. These people could be lost in hell forever, but God is giving them one last chance to avoid hell. Because God loves His Children very much, and He takes very good care of them. And He doesn’t even want one to be lost.

So repent. Stop sinning. Love and worship God. Keep God’s commandments. All of them. Then you can go to Heaven. If not, then you will go in to the lake of fire.

That’s why i think people who are rich in spirit are poor, and they tend to remain poor. Because they know. They know that material wealth and riches are nothing. Soon you will die and start over with nothing. They know the real riches are not material things at all. They don’t care about dollar store junk. Because they know it is just junk.

Yes, the more i think about regeneration theory, the more i believe it. Because Jesus told me. And because it makes sense. Because there are some things that i do know. And that is, God is Just, and God is Invincible, and no man will ever be able to thwart God, or God’s Plan or hurt God’s children. It’s just not possible. No one is going to cause another man to lose his soul. Now i know the meaning of the saying You can only hurt yourself.

And that’s another reason why i think certain Christians are unafraid to die. Because they have already died many times before. It’s no big deal. They will come back to life again. They don’t care, because they know you can’t kill them. You can’t even hurt them. Because after they die, and come back to life again, they won’t even remember. And not being materialistic, they don’t have any attachments to this physical world. All their riches are being stored up in Heaven. And they want to go to Heaven too!


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