The Perfect Thing To Say

5 Apr

April 05, 2015

I thought about how they inject swine dna into people. What for? That’s disgusting. Who knows what it will do to you. You might even get hog warts.

Sometimes when i do my writing, it is kind of like doing it backwards. That is, i sometimes think of what to say days, or even weeks before it is time to say it. Kind of like after you talked to somebody and later on you thought of the perfect thing to say to that person. ONly the time has passed, and it’s too late. For me, sometimes i think of something to say beforehand, and it might not be until days later when i realize it is time to say that thing. The perfect time to say it. And then, i know what it means, and it fits into place. Kind of like that. It’s kind of like looking at a jigsaw puzzle on the table, and then the pieces just suddenly all move into place, and then you can see the picture. And then it scrambles up again, and soon it forms another picture.

Now our Heavenly Mother said this, that we all need to clean up our rooms, and after we clean up our rooms She is taking us to the Big Surprise Party in Heaven!

Now some of the children said “We don’t want to clean up our room. We don’t want to go to the Big Surprise Party.” That’s fine too. Because Heavenly Mother said that only those children who clean up their rooms will be able to go, just as She said. So when everybody else goes to the Big Surprise Party and you don’t get to go, don’t cry. Because remember, you said you did not want to go. And God will not make you go.

And that is another amazing thing i understand about God. God will not make people do anything they don’t want to do. Otherwise, God could just force everyone to go to Heaven. But God doesn’t. God gives everyone a choice. Heaven, or hell. And God lets everyone make their own decision. God will not make anyone do anything they don’t want to do.

LIsten and Learn from God to Live. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. You can do whatever you want. As for me, i am cleaning up my room.


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