Love God With All Your Heart

4 Apr

April 03, 2015

It seemed to me that if God wanted us to be perfect, He would have made us into robots. But, He did not. He created us men. And because He knows we were not created to be perfect, He certainly doesn’t expect us to be exactly perfect.

But He wants us to do our best, and to love one another, each and every one. All our brothers. And be kind, one to another.

As for me, i am sometimes somewhat hard on my brothers, and for that i apologize, and ask forgiveness. But you must understand, that i am as one crying out “Make ready the way of the Lord”! Because One cometh after me Whom i will be unable to look upon, for such is the Greatness of His Brightness. And then it will even be harsher than i was! And so i do what i do because i care for my brothers. All of them. And i don’t want to lose even one man!

So if i chew you out here, i do it out of Love. To save you from a much worse experience, coming down the road. I judge no one. I have only been saved two years, a little less actually. But thanks to the grace of God, even i have been invited to Heaven. And so is every one else! But i can only look at myself and see that i barely made it into Heaven. Only thanks to God. Now i want to help others too.

So we all ask forgiveness of our sins, we stop sinning, and we have faith in God and keep God’s commandments. And we stay close to God, everyday, talking, praying, thinking about God, trying to do our best. Things such as, would God approve of that? and then automatically knowing the answer. Everything we have comes from God. Everything. OUr salvation. How? Through prayer and love. Love for God, love for ourselves and love for one another, all three.

Study SCriptures.

So we tap into the Power of Prayer! Which is a Power of God and we get to know God one on one, in a personal relationship. And it helped me to do this, as soon as i realized, God knew everything i ever did! Even since i was a small child, every prayer i said! Word for word! And when i realized God knew every single thing i ever did, i instantly knew that God was watching me at that very moment! and writing down everything that i was saying and thinking and doing. My entire life, every detail recorded.

When you know that God knows that much about you, you then know that you have a personal relationship with God, and God hears all your prayers. Yes, and everything else, too. God knows Everything. God never forgets anything. Every thought, word and action. So with the introductions out of the way, it opens up a way you can just begin talking to God in prayer. In personal quiet prayer.

Have no doubt that God can hear your prayers. God knows the hearts of men. And God knows everything about you. Even how many hairs on your head are counted. But, God knows a lot more than that about you. And the main thing is, God loves us so much. In 2003, one day i was driving, and i thought to myself about some things that had happened to me. And i suddenly realized, wow, God really loves me a lot! and i had the sudden realization that God loved me very much, indeed! And when i thought that, God gave me a glimpse of how much God loves us. Just a glimpse, and i just instantly started crying. I almost went limp while driving, because of the realization of how much God loved me. But it was just a glimpse! I suddenly knew that if i knew exactly how much God loved me, it would make me fall down. If it was more than a glimpse, i would have collapsed. I’m not kidding. I would have collapsed completely, because, i don’t know why. It’s so powerful, that that’s just what it does to you! If you could feel the Power of Love from God, it is very powerful indeed.

So i don’t understand everything exactly, i am learning more and more everyday. But i do know God loves us tremendously and i believe God’s Word is True! and that we should heed it. Not because we are scared to go to hell, but because we realize how much God loves us. And we love Him, too. And we want to go to Heaven. That’s why. Because it’s a lot more fun in Heaven!

So lets all get cleansed up and get ready to go to the Big Party!


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