Sequences And Consequences

3 Apr

April 03, 2015

I was wondering, and i asked God, how come i can’t deal with honorable people? Why do i have to deal with all these pukes and losers, mean people, harassers, liars, dirtbags. Why can’t i deal with people who have honor, integrity, and compassion for all living things, and are honest, and kind? Truthful, generous, and who care about other people and animals. Why do i have to deal with all these murderers, people that hate and abuse, lie, cheat, steal, kill and entreat me spitefully, for no reason. When they don’t even know me. And God said to me that there aren’t very many honorable people left anymore. I tell people Hey, if you dishonor yourself and disrespect God and disobey God, you’re going to be destroyed. And the people say Look, we’re dishonoring ourselves, and we’re disrespecting God and we don’t have to obey God! We can do anything we want! See! And nothing happened to us, so we can do anything we want, see! And if you don’t shut up, we’ll kill you! And when you’re dealing with people who are that stupid, there’s nothing you can do to help them.

I thought about this, and it’s very True. God told me that people don’t even know what honor is. For example, men think that honor is going into a village and setting some innocent peoples house on fire, while they are in it. Or go up to someones house and throw a grenade in it and kill the babies inside. Some people think that it is an honor to take guns and shoot and kill animals, and people, innocent creatures. Some people think that it is an honor to take planes and bombs and kill a million innocent people, such as the americans did in Fallujah. Then these “war heroes” go home and the government gives them a few medals and a piece of paper that says they were “honorable” for killing and murdering and wounding innocent people. And these people think it is honorable! They don’t even know what HOnor is! They don’t know the meaning of the word! Yet they walk around, all proud and arrogant, and think they are honorable and better than everybody else, with these merit badges of killing and murder. Doesn’t that just make you sick?

No, these ignorant folks think that killing innocent people is an honor, and killing people for money is an honor, and killing innocent babies and children who cannot even defend themselves, and did nothing wrong, is an “honor”. That’s why i have to live in this sewer and deal with all these pukes and losers. Because they don’t even know what honor is. If you try to tell them, they will say, We’re honorable and if you say we’re not, we’re going to take guns and kill you!

I thought about murder, and killing, and it is an abomination to God. But these misguided fools think if they commit abominations, they are being honorable. These people are so backwards that if a guy said he objects to killing innocent people, they will brand him DISHONORABLE and he will become a cast out! Because these pukes think killing innocent creatures, lying, cheating, stealing, harassing their brothers, bearing false witness and acting all proud and arrogant while they’re committing all these atrocities is an “honor”. These people don’t just kill, they kill for fun. They kill for sport. They kill for money. They “keep score” and write books about it! I know one guy who said if you give him a dollar, he’ll go out and kill God’s innocent creatures. For a dollar. And so that is what he does. People actually give him money to go out and kill God’s creatures. These people have bloody hands in the extreme. No wonder these people make me sick and make me feel like puking.

They say, We’re better than everyone else, we’re smarter than anyone else, we don’t listen to anyone, and if anyone challenges what we do, we’ll harass them, threaten them and kill them. Because we’re “honorable” and we’re the best in the world.

LIke i said, they don’t even know the meaning of the word. That’s why i have to deal with all these pukes and losers. They think they are the best, and better than anyone else, and they can do whatever they want with no consequences. But i don’t think those people are going to be allowed in to Heaven when they show up with a big chest full of medals and service ribbons and campaign ribbons of all the innocent blood they have shed, and the proud look on their faces for all the murders they did. No, murderers and abominable do NOT go to Heaven.

No, that’s not considered an “honor” in Heaven, to kill, and destroy, and hate, and deceive, and threaten and harass. I tried to tell them that, but they also think being “stupid” is being “smart”.

I thought about how there are hardly any honorable people left, only selfish people who only care about themselves. These people are self indulgent, selfish folks who fatten themselves, big pot belly, proud, arrogant, and they don’t care about anyone else. It seems to me that these people more closely resemble pigs than they do men.

I was thinking about all these things, and my Heavenly Mother said something funny to me. She said, Enjoy your suffering. You’ll be thankful later. I don’t know what it means. She said But don’t enjoy it too much, or then it wouldn’t be considered suffering. So i don’t fully understand why, or what it means, but i always try to obey my Mother, even if i don’t fully understand. Half the time, or even more, i don’t really know what i am doing, or i don’t really understand what is going on exactly. But eventually the reason will become clear, and i will understand why She told me these things. But for a large portion of what i do, i don’t really know or fully understand exactly what is going on. Many times it isn’t until later that things begin to make sense. Sometimes days later, sometimes weeks later, sometimes a year. So even though i don’t understand completely, or at all, i try to listen for God’s voice and i try to obey everything. Because it might not make any sense right now, but i Know, soon enough, it will. Soon i will be able to SEe.

So i say that to everyone who may be suffering. God tells us to enjoy our suffering, and we’ll be thankful later.

I pray to God sometimes and i ask God to make me wise to hear God’s voice so that i can hear what God wants me to do. And i pray that God will give me the courage, strength, and guidance to carry out God’s will, what ever it is. Whether if i live or die, or if God wants me to do something, or not do something, or say something, or not say something, or write something down, i only live to carry out the will of God. To the best of my ability. And i apologize to God for being so small and weak, for being so unholy and unclean, for being so profane and so vulgar, and i tell God that i will try to do my very best.

I thought about helping the people by throwing out God’s Bread for them. Now i understand, if anyone did come up to me and say “Thank you for throwing out the Bread” i would tell them, Don’t thank me. See that you don’t do that. Because God gave us the bread, thank God, only. I am a humble servant to God. I and a few other disciples help to distribute the Bread to the multitudes, but that’s all. Because you see, i am only serving you the Bread. I am your servant. And i’m not even that good at it. See, you have to look, because i mixed up stale, bad bread with the Good Bread, and because i’m not very good at it, you’ll have to sort out the bad from the Good. Sorry about that, i hope that you can forgive me. Would you like any water?

Jesus has something He wants to tell His disciples. And that is, don’t praise each other. Praise God only! Because Thine is the Kingdom, and the POwer, AND the Glory! For ever.


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