Hey Einstein

2 Apr

April 01, 2014

The lady with the abortions, she gets pregnant, then lays down and kills her own child. This lady thinks she is better than animals, she thinks she is smarter than animals, but she’s not. Because if a monkey gets pregnant, a chimpanzee, it will take care of it’s baby, and love it, and protect it with it’s life. But not people. People will lay down and gouge out their babies! so they don’t have to take care of them! And no animals would ever do these things.

No, no animals would do any of these things. Only people are so abominable. ONly people do such abominable things. People are not better than animals. People are not smarter than animals. People are the stupidest of all. Many of them you can’t teach them anything! Because they think they know it all! They refuse to listen. They don’t want to hear any Wisdom. They just try to drown you out with nonsense and foolishness.

And what disgusts me the most about the people killing their babies is that these are God’s babies! And God trusted people with Her children, and look at what the people did. It’s abominable. It’s disgusting. And no animals have ever done any such type things.

No, these people aren’t the “best in the world”. They’re the worst in the world. They’re not the smartest people in the world either. Now what are you going to do with Fukushima, Einstein? You’re so smart, you tell us.

People better get their affairs in order. Because time is running short.


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