Basic Human Compassion

1 Apr

April 01, 2015

Well i’ve been trying to help people for a long time now. And i thought since i’m trying to help people, they will appreciate what i am doing. But then i found out, they don’t appreciate what i’m doing. People follow me around and harass me and they don’t help me. I found out it was the same for Jesus. People don’t appreciate when you try to help them. They harass you and try to kill you instead. Even when i asked for any volunteers from God’s Rainbow Prayer Foundation, not even one person wrote and volunteered to help me. Not one. Sometimes i feel like i am casting my pearls before the swine, and i wonder how long before i should stop. It seems pointless to try and help people who don’t want help. If they don’t want to know, forget them.

Today i thought about Heaven, and what must it be like there? I think there is going to be more animals in Heaven than pepole. We’ll see. I thought about angels singing and some angels are playing harps. So, there must be some angels who are harp players too, and other instruments. I thought about how an electric harp would sound, and then i realized the harps in Heaven sound a lot prettier than the ones we know! And we know that some angels are well, how can i say it, fighting angels? Like the angels who fought against Satan. So i have no idea, but i imagine that Heaven is a lot different than i can even imagine. But i imagine there will be angels who play different instruments, some who sing. I am very interested in God’s Infinite Knowledge Library. I can only imagine how fascinating that must be!

And now we Know, Heaven is within reach of everyone! God has surely given us the Keys to Heaven! In 2013, Earth MOther told me that i had the Keys to the Universe, but i just didn’t know how to unlock the door. And so then, She taught me. She taught us all! She gave us all the Keys to Heaven, so that all who want to can go!

Now the Gate to the Kingdom of Heaven is wide open! Everyone is welcome! The main things we need are to not eat meat, say the Lord’s Prayer daily, and be kind to EVERYONE you meet. People and animals. Learn Jesus commandments and God’s commandments and DO them. And the greatest is, Love God more than yourself, and love your neighbors as much as yourself. Now especially for children, lets all get ourselves cleansed up and ask God to forigve our sins so that we can all go to Heaven!

I thought about people and how Jesus told us, those who are greatest will be the least, and the least will be the greatest. Because those who think they are better, they are least. And like wise, when man thinks he is smarter than someone else, that man is really being stupider than the other person. Because, for the same reason. When man thinks he is smarter than the animals, man is being stupider than the animals. Because, first of all, man has no idea what the animal knows. But also because, he who thinks he is smarter is being more stupider.

I realize too, that all the animals still eat what they were commanded by God, at Creation. Except for man. And another thing God did at Creation, He made everything have basic compassion. All animals have compassion. A dog who sits on your laps shows compassion. A mother lion has compassion. But again, man is the only creature who lost his basic compassion. This is what the commandment means, love your neighbor as yourself. Have basic human compassion. For all. Not just for some people and not others, not just for some animals, and not others. If you have compassion, you will have compassion for all. A good tree cannot put forth bad fruit. We don’t make distinctions between who we show compassion to, and whom we don’t. We either have compassion, or we don’t. And God commands us, have compassion for all.

When man loses his basic human compassion, well, take a look around you, and you see what happens.

Yes, Heaven is within reach of all of us! And the amazing thing is, we get there through KNowledge. Unfortunately, some people can’t learn KNowledge. But for those who can, read everything you can find about Jesus. Learn everything you can find out about God, and Jesus, and the HOly Spirit. Read your Bible, all the Gospels, learn everything, prove everything and keep that which is good! Don’t keep that which is bad, but keep all that is good in the Law and in the Spirit of the Law!

Above all, keep God’s commandments! Thou shalt not kill, eat no flesh, Love thy neighbor as thyself, and love God more than anything. Obey. Pray. Watch and pray. Walk uprightly, be just. Be like your Father, who art in Heaven.


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