Be Perfect

31 Mar

March 31, 2015

I thought about some other things that Earth MOther told me back in 2013. She told me that She is the Mother for babies who have no mothers. I was shocked when i heard Her say that, because i was an orphan, and then i remembered where i knew Her from – when i was a small child! She used to tell me things, stories and She used to sing to me. We used to play together outside. One of the things i remember very clearly is She told me when i was a little baby that She takes care of all the babies. God said She takes care of the baby whales and baby eagles, all the babies, and God even takes care of me! I remember being very fascinated by thinking about this. This was when i was a small child. Then one day in 2013 i sat down at the computer and i was going to write a prayer to God, and i was going to try and make a good one. So i sat down and started typing out my prayer to God. When i got done writing, i read what i had just wrote, and i was shocked! Because i had just typed out a prayer i had made to God when i was a small child, when i had asked God if i could help Her if She needed any help taking care of baby animals. And i was stunned! Because i had been praying to God and speaking to Earth Mother, who at that time i did not know exactly who She was. And when that happened, when i wrote that prayer, i instantly Knew it was God. It had to be God that remembered my prayer from when i was like four years old or something like that. Word for word.

Now we know it was the Holy Spirit who is our Earth Mother. And this is what we are taught about Her. Although some people changed the Bible, the Holy Spirit is our Heavenly Mother. God says when you go to minister, God will tell you what to say.

Luke Chapter 12

11 And when they bring you unto the synagogues, and unto
magistrates, and powers, take ye no thought how or what thing ye
shall answer, or what ye shall say:
12 For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye
ought to say.

And God did tell me what to say. Although, i’m not very good at it, and i get my stuff mixed in. But i try to do my best. Now, after i knew it was God who knew my prayers, that i distinctly remember, then i listened to Her very intently. And She taught me many things. She told me She is Jesus Mother. That’s how i discovered who She is. The Holy Spirit. And then She taught me everything! God taught me everything. And then i got to Know Jesus, and Heavenly FAther as well. And they teach me all things.

Of course, when you KNow it is God, you want to do your very best. I thought about the disciples who followed Jesus around, and they saw dead people rise, and blind people see, and the lame get up and walk. They Knew it was God. It had to be God to do these things. And that is why they believed so much. Because they didn’t just believe, they Knew it was God.

Now i realize that God answered my prayer from when i was a little child. God answered my prayer to help take care of Her babies. Because i realized, God let me help Her teach Her babies to Fly! I thought, that is very amazing! Because God taught me how to fly, and doing so, She let me help Her teach Her babies at the same time! It’s very fascinating!

I thought about Going to Heaven, and i remember what Heavenly Father said “Be holy” and “be perfect”. Because Heaven is a Holy Place.

And God said to me if i want to be perfect, He said to me, Do the best you can. Then you will be perfect.

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