The Image Of Some Kind Of Beast

27 Mar

March 27, 2015

I understand another basic Truth today and i realize it is something that i was told when i was quite young. And that is that if we don’t take care of our things, then we will lose them. We might set them down and forget them, we might break them, we might abuse them and break them. But no matter how it happens, if we don’t take care of our things we do end up losing them. It seems to be universal.

I thought about how men disrespect their brothers, and how they are disrespecting God by doing so. Because the thought is first, because man knows he is supposed to be kind to his brothers, let us disobey what God said, and then disrespect our brothers. So every thought that proceedeth from man is prefaced by either “let us obey God and do what He said” or “let us disregard God completely and do whatever we want instead”, basically. Then we begin to See that everything is done either according to, or against the will of God. Sometimes the disobedience is due to ignorance; they just don’t know better. But sometimes it is willful disobedience. That is, knowing God, and knowing about God, and yet, choosing to disobey even after knowing.

I also thought about how man is created in the image of God. In the likeness of God was he created. The image of God that He created was man, a gentle loving plant eating creature who lived in and tended God’s Garden, and was caretaker of all who lived there. And like God, man loved all the animals that lived there. In other words, God kind of made man a mini-god over the Earth and its inhabitants. In His Own Image was man created and placed on the Earth.

NOw when man stopped eating what he was commanded, fruit and herbs and such, and began eating flesh, man was no longer in the image of God. No, man was more like the image of some type of beast. Just like the example we used of the bunny who killed all the other bunnies and began eating flesh. That bunny was no longer in the image of the bunny in which he was created. No, he was something that God did NOT create, a flesh eating bunny. He became an abomination of God’s creation.

As i mentioned before, there is a great deal of difference between disobedience out of not knowing, and willful disobedience. For example, we all know that if you have a dog, lets say, and that dog goes about and kills all your other pets and attacks them, and won’t stop, and then when you go out to make the dog stop, the dog turns on you and begins attacking and trying to kill you as well, then that dog is going to be put down. There is really no other alternative. Make no doubt about it. Because that is also another basic Truth.


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