On Earth As It Is In Heaven

19 Mar

March 19, 2015

A few things i thought about in the past few days. Such as, the Bible is the same in the End as it is in the Beginning. Because in Genesis, God teaches us that those who obey God live in Heaven, with God. And those who sin and disobey God get cast out and die. And Revelations tells us the same thing.
It goes to show that God’s Word did not change. What God said 2,000 years ago is still True today! Because God’s Word NEVER ends! God never tells lies. God only tells the Truth. And it never changes. And this is exactly what God told us about His Word. Because, of course, God can ONLY tell the Truth!

Also i thought about how everything comes from God. Food. Air. Even water. That’s right. They don’t have a plant somewhere where they produce water. No, Water ONLY comes from God. Everything comes from God. All good things. What men do is process God’s food, and the only thing that men can make is garbage. Men cannot produce any food, either. Everything comes from God.

Then i read in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve why it is so hard for rich people to enter in to Heaven. Jesus tells us why.

Gospel of the Holy Twelve

Lection 14

9* AND behold there came to him two rich men, and one said, Good Master. But he said, Call me not good, for One alone is the All good, and that is God.
10. And the other said to him, Master, what good thing shall I do and live? Iesus said, Perform the Law and the prophets. He answered, I have performed them. Iesus answered, Go, sell all thou hast and divide with the poor, and follow me. But this saying pleased him not.
11. And the Lord said unto him, How sayest thou that thou hast performed the Law and the prophets? Behold many of thy brethren are clad with filthy rags, dying from hunger and thy house is full of much goods, and there goeth from it nought unto them.
12. And he said unto Simon, It is hard for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven, for the rich care for themselves, and despise them that have not.

Now this seems to be true today, the same as it was in Jesus day. Because it seems many rich people do not give God credit for all things. Because God gave people everything. If a man has riches, it is because God gave it to him. God gives everything to everyone. The just and the unjust. And yet, many people don’t give God credit for what they have been given, and instead believe that they have more riches because they are better than everyone else who is poor. And this is why it’s so hard for them to get into Heaven. Because they don’t love their brother as themself. They don’t even love God. Because otherwise they would give God thanks for what God has given them. And they would love their neighbors as themselves.

I also thought about Earth Mother, and how She makes so good of food! Perfect food! And i realize that this Image is the same on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Have you ever wondered why the mother of the family provides the food, and takes care of the young, while the father takes care of the house and yard? Because, i believe, this is the same Image of God. Because Heavenly Mother also provides food for Her children, and She nurtures them, cares for them and teaches them Wisdom. And this is another way that it is the same on Earth as it is in Heaven.



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