Magnetic Power

4 Jan

January 03, 2014

Today i thought about the simplest way that i can think of to create a perpetual motion machine. The simplest form of my idea using magnets to make an object move, and make it keep moving by it’s own power.

Using a teeter totter we can create a simple constant motion device, i believe. Of course it would have to be precision built and balanced. In the diagram we can see there are 4 magnets. One on each end of the teeter totter, and one under each end of the teeter totter. By pushing the teeter totter with your hand, you would move the magnets on that end close to each other, and they would then “push away” and the teeter totter would go up on that end. Just like someone pushed up, with their feet. Then, on the other end of the teeter totter, it was up in the air. Now, it goes down, and when the two magnets get close to each other, they “push away”, and then that end of the teeter totter goes up. And so forth.

I believe it is possible to make it work. Also my other ideas include this balance beam idea, but not just being a teeter totter, but going all the way around in a circle, much like a ferris wheel. I pictured mechanical linkage from the axle of the ferris wheel, used to rotate magnets, as needed, to keep the ferris wheel to keep rotating.

Now if the balance beam did continue to go up and down on it’s own magnetic power, then you could also install coils of wire near the end of the teeter totter so that the magnet, as it is going up and down from perpetual motion, also generates current flow in the coils of wire placed nearby. However, this i believe would require those specially designed coils that Tesla built that instead of opposing his generator, those special coils aided the generator and helped it to go around. Because once you try to make the teeter totter do “work” with regular wound coils, it would be like putting an electric brake on the teeter totter and would then make it stop moving.

I suppose you could also make the teeter totter more powerful by installing two more magnets above the teeter totter. This might give it extra power. As you can see in the second image below, the magnets above the teeter totter basically double the magnetic power of the original design.

Magnetic powered teeter totter


Magnetic powered teeter totter with double magnetic power, upper and lower magnets



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