Too Complicated To Understand

28 Dec

December 28, 2014


Well a few thoughts i had today. I began to think about how mixed up things are, when people don’t even care about other people. They only care about getting a new TV. People will trample on other people to try and get a new TV on sale! Now i can see how far away from the Truth people have been misled. When people care more about TV’s and plastic junk than they do their own brothers, then people really have been completely misled from the Truth and from righteousness. Shopping for junk is more important than helping other people? People have been seriously misled. I feel bad for people when their lives and existence have been reduced to shopping for plastic junk. That’s the only worth people have left in their lives – plastic junk.


There have been times when people would tell me things such as “don’t oversimplify things”. Why do they tell me that? I don’t know. But i think that is a big problem with the world today. Not ‘oversimplifying’, but “undersimplifying”. The opposite of oversimplifying, which is “making things more complicated than they really are”. I believe that we should simplify everything, to it’s most basic and simplest level. However the tendency is to undersimplify, which is the same thing as “making things more complicated than they really are”. For some reason, many people aren’t happy with things being “simple”. People want things to be complicated. For example, we say things such as “The sun rose”. or we say “The sun set”. However, to many people, this is too simple. They don’t like simplicity, and so they try to say the Earth is spinning around at ten thousand miles per hour, the sun doesn’t rise, the Earth is spinning around the sun, the Earth rotates and makes it look like the sun “is rising”, etc etc. This is just one example where people like to complicate matters. It may be very simple to understand something. And yet people many times will not accept the simple solution and instead insist that “things are much more complicated”. And they may even go so far as to warn others “not to oversimplify”. Why? I don’t know. It’s too complicated for me to understand, and so i have to try and simplify it. I myself have been caught up sometimes in the process of making things seem complicated. And then i am pleasantly surprised to find that once again, things really are very simple to understand. People tend to make things much more complicated than they are it seems. But so many times we realize with amazement at how simple some things are, when we thought they were so complicated all along.

Even some very simple things that people should be able to quite easily understand. Things such as “thou shalt not kill” “thou shalt have no other gods before Me” “thou shalt not take the Lord’s Name in vain”. There are a lot of examples i could give of things that are really very simple to understand, but people refuse to accept them for what they are, and instead try and turn them into some complicated idea that completely misses the point. In fact, by making simple things complicated, people can actually deceive themselves into believing that a simple statement that says “thou shalt have no other gods before Me” doesn’t even mean what it says, but they think it actually means something else quite different, such as “it’s ok to have other gods before God” as long as it’s Christmas, or if it’s just a harmless lil ol Christmas tree. People can take very simple statements and make them so complicated and difficult that they can no longer understand what it says! People can take a simple statement and completely turn it around to make it mean the opposite of what it simply stated!

Now i am beginning to see that we really are living in upside down land as i saw in the news that politicians are passing laws making it illegal to report the truth. Alternative news reporters are being threatened with being charged with crimes, for telling the truth. Laws are being passed making it illegal for people to film the police, and what they do, and making it illegal for people to report crimes and tell the truth. It’s getting to be a pretty messed up world we live in when the government makes it illegal to tell the truth. There’s not much future left for honest, decent people when the government starts arresting people for telling the truth.

But the good news i discovered is something that i have known all along, but i just found different words to put it in. I have always said that God is always right. I know that is very true and that gives me quite a lot of comfort. But also, i like thinking about it in other words. In other words, such as God is never wrong.

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