Respect For My Brothers

24 Dec

December 24, 2014

Now today, the big question is – who tipped me off? Who was it, that gave me the information? How did i find out? Who was it that told me? Somebody must have told me, otherwise, how could i have found out?

Well i will tell you how i found out, and it was because i read people’s minds, and i figured things out. God gives me understanding and this is how i find things out. God tells me. No one else told me anything. No, i believe most Masons keep try to keep their word and their honor. No one told me anything.

I do have more understanding now. I understand the meaning of “regretting that i only have one life to give”. Because if i could, if i died fighting against evil, then i would, if i had another life, get back up and fight against evil again. As many times as i could. Why? Because i am a healthy, middle aged man. And if it isn’t safe for me in the city streets, it isn’t safe for your kids. And it isn’t safe for your wife, or your mother. And it isn’t safe for you either, sir. And thats if no one stands up against evil, then evil will rule. And so we have to stand against evil. Not for ourselves, but for small children and babies too.

And it’s not just ‘fighting against evil’. It’s saving people from hell. I am not here to play patty cake and pussy foot around. I am here to try and save people from going to hell. I am trying to save people from themselves, or die trying to save them.

And that’s another thing i understand. I never did really understand why a fireman risks his life to run into a burning building and try to save people. I never had that motivation to do that. But now, i begin to see. Because now i feel i am like a fireman, of a different kind. I am risking my life trying to save people from the fire of hell. And it is very important to me, and so now i can kind of understand where a fireman is coming from. And policemen, too. They are trying to help people. They will risk their own life to save others. Why? Only they can tell you.

So i put my own safety at risk to try and save others. Because the worst possible thing that could happen to people is if they get deceived and end up in the eternal fire! This is more important than ANYTHING else! I have to tell people. Even if only one person saves themself, wouldn’t that be worth dying for? What about two people?

Now some people may not believe, and they may say i’m fighting an imaginary fire! But i am not! This fire is very real!

Now this is something i thought about, and that is that i believe in freedom of religion. I believe people should believe in whatever they find best and believable to them. But no matter what people believe in, they need to research their religion. They need to be sure exactly what they are doing. Because if they get deceived, they can be tricked into worshiping the devil and losing their spiritual lives. So no matter what people believe in, they need to read and study about it. NOw let’s say some people wanted to worship the devil. So they should read the Word of God and learn all about Satan, and what happens to Satan. Then, when the people learn the Bible, they will find out that they should have been worshiping God instead. Because Satan is going into eternal fire! So if the people study Scripture, they will find out the Truth. And then they can make good decisions. Wise decisions, based on sound fundamentals and Biblical Truth.

So when people study the Bible to learn about Satan, they discover Jesus has a much better plan for them than going to eternal fire. All the people can go to Heaven. I thought about all the young Masons. And i am praying for all the Masons. Because i care about all my brethren and i don’t want even one to be lost. But i thought about the young Masons, especially. And the older Masons, the old timers, they have all the money, they have all the machinery, the tools, trucks, equipment, money, property, they have big houses – they have everything. So the young Masons think this is the way to go. This is what they should do to be successful. But what they don’t know, is that the success of this world comes at the cost of their soul. And if they start making oaths to the devil and what not, well, then they might not make it into Heaven. And so it is important that everyone makes educated choices based on sound judgment. And research. Don’t just believe what others tell you. Look it up. Verify it. Read about it and make sure you know what you are talking about. It’s very important. If we take the time to study to become Masons, we should put at least that much effort into studying Scripture and learning about our spiritual lives.

That’s why i realized that if people want to learn about Masons, they can do the same thing i did. And just go to google and type in Mason secrets. And go to youtube and type in Mason secrets. Search Google images too. All the information is already out there. All you have to do is read it. And it’s important. It can save your life!

I’m not here to judge people. I’m not here to condemn people. I am here to try and save people. I already know i’m going to go to Heaven when i die. So it’s ok if i die. But a lot of people do not know that yet, so i am here to tell them so they can go to Heaven too. Because otherwise, who else is going to tell them? Who else is going to tell them about Heaven? Who else is going to tell them how to get there? I have to tell everyone. I tell people because i care about them. I wish i could save everybody and every single person would make it into Heaven.

Because this world is going to be destroyed soon enough, and everything on it. I don’t know how much time is left. But it’s getting to be like crunch time, i believe. I believe we all need to be getting ready, starting with me, and that’s what i’m trying to do.

Because i am only concerned with my spiritual life, i don’t really pay that much concern to my physical life. God takes care of me and feeds me. Almost all my main thinking is spiritual, and praying to God. Anything other than that is a distraction to me. So when it comes to things of this world, i don’t have that much interest as i used to. Things such as perpetual motion machines and stuff, free energy. Because i don’t believe we are going to live long enough to utilize it. To me, trying to develop free energy at this stage is kind of like sanding down and refinishing the deck furniture on the Titanic while it was sinking.

However, i did read about an experiment some people did, trying to figure out the free energy generator patented by Tesla. The people tried to use a conventional motor and generator to create more output power. However, this won’t work, using conventional generators. Because of studying Tesla’s patents, i read about how he made his generator work was by geometrically winding it differently than a conventional generator winding. Tesla invented and used a specially designed coil in his motor generator. The way he constructed it, when the generator did work, instead of the field opposing it’s own motion, it’s field generated by the work was geometrically designed to aid the motor, instead of opposing it. Thus making it go faster, instead of slowing it down.

It requires a specially wound coil, which would have to study Tesla’s patent to discover. Then it would work. The opposition force would essentially be “turned around” by the special coil windings, and would make the generator go by itself. I think if built properly, a motor generator like this would require some sort of governor. Because i’m afraid it may just go faster and faster on and on. I did think about what Tesla told his physics instructor. And that was that Tesla said that there would be a way to build a motor without brushes. His instructor explained to him that this would essentially be a perpetual motion machine, and the laws of physics say that this cannot be done. However Tesla did not take his instructors word for it. I also believe it can be done by magnetics. Because magnetics is free energy, and all it has to be done is properly aligned and timed and it can be made to do work. That’s my belief anyway.

I thought about Teslas brushless motor. Most electric motors have magnets mounted on the outside case, and the motor windings on the shaft, or armature. That’s why we need brushes – because we need to get electricity to flow through the coils on the armature, or shaft. However there is a way to have a brushless motor by inverting the electric motor design and putting the magnets on the rotor, the shaft, and putting the coils on the outside of the motor case, instead of the magnets.

Now the coils themselves are magnets, once current is applied. So let’s say you have two stationary coils and a rotor in between, with fixed magnets on the rotor. By applying AC, alternating current to the coils, you could cause them to affect the magnetic rotor, and cause the rotor to go around. It would require the proper timing. Or another word for timing is phase. Now lets say, using Tesla’s idea of a specially designed coil that does not oppose the motor from turning, but instead aids it, and helps it turn faster. Let’s say we use the stationary coils and wind them specially backwards, or cross wired, so that when the motor turns the resultant current flow through the coil is re-routed to the opposite coil, and is used to attract the rotor, instead of opposing it.

In essence, it would be a kind of a “push me, pull you” configuration. If it worked, all you would have to do is spin it fast enough so that it would reach resonance. I don’t know if it would work or not. It is just an idea about the brushless motor idea and alternating current. Also i thought about Teslas “special coil design” and i can’t see a diagram of it or a schematic. But that’s how you would make that work. Also i thought you might be able to somehow rectify the motor generator current to keep it from opposing itself. But what really need is the schematic and wiring diagram of Teslas special coil in his patent.

So that’s my idea on that.



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