Pink Is Your Color

20 Dec

December 20, 2014

Well i hope all the ladies went shopping and now they are probably at home trying on their new panties. Pink really is your color!

Now i decided since the ladies come to my work every day to see me, i am going to go to there work everyday and see them too! How special! I decided for every lady that comes to my work, for the past year, and every day now, i am going to reveal One Mason Secret for every lady! So stretch out , put on your nice panties, because this is might take awhile. We have lots of secrets to reveal!

Now some of the ladies were unkind and they said their panties got bunched up because i revealed their secret and so they said it might be my last day! Good! I’ll be glad when it is! Because God told me i’m going to Heaven when i die and we’re going to have a Big Party! Hooray!

But in the meanwhile, i have to live here in this dump and try to save as many people as i can. So lets get on with the show and reveal some more secrets – one secret for every lady that came to my work! And when my work is done here, carrying out God’s will, then i will go to Heaven. I hope you do too, but that’s a choice you have to make.



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