Bearing 0 Degrees, Range 100 Yards, It’s A Hit !

17 Dec

December 16, 2014

Well we fired a warning shot over the bow of the pirate ship and gave them an order to cease and desist! The pirate ship ignored the warning shot and opened fire. So we sunk it.

One shot, right through the bow at the waterline. We already had a couple smaller vessels we sunk, a fishing vessel and some kind of garbage scow, it looked like a floating dumpster. This is our biggest target yet. They don’t know they have been hit yet, but they are going down like the Titanic.

Watch the rats try to scramble to safety in these shark infested waters! Fortunately, Jesus threw everyone a Life Ring. Hopefully the pirates will grab on to the Life Rings. But the ones that don’t, they’re shark bait.


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