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No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded

27 Apr

April 26, 2014 Where Angels Fear to Tread , No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded

No, the law of conservation of energy is not a sticker on the fridge. And yes, all the riches here on EArth are fools gold. But don’t worry, because you can be an Angel too. I thought about Scripture, and the saying whatever you sow, that shall you also reap. In this scripture, they are talking about what we plant in the fields, here on EArth. And they are also talking about what we sow in our Spiritual Fields. In other words, nice people plant themselves a nice future. While mean people plant themselves a mean future. Now, in an ideal world, all men would receieve the Word and achieve Understanding and make the best decisions possible. Always. However, the Earth is not an ideal world, and we can only achieve a certain percentage of perfection, no matter how hard we try. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, in this world.

I remember taking a lot of math classes and in many math exams, it is required that you show your work. That is, you can’t just write down the solution, such as x=5, but you must show how you arrived at this solution. The reason is because the answer to the question lies not so much in the final answer, but in the work that is required to reach the final answer. The knowledge of how to arrive at the solution is what is important, and only if we have that knowledge can we arrive at the correct solution. I imagine that God’s Exam is very similar. Because God can see all our work. We have to turn in all scrap paper and worksheets too. Then i thought too, life is kind of like taking a tough math course. And our Instructor can tell by our work if we are trying even if we aren’t making very much progress, or none at all. The first step in achieving success in anything is always a Thought. And sometimes that’s all it takes to get us going in the right direction. If we are not at first successful, then we must change our way of Thinking.
If we keep repeating the same behavior, we keep getting the same result. And this indicates that change is required, in some form, if we want to change the final outcome. So, it is possible to say that sometimes, the greatest change we can make, is to change the way we Think. The longest journey begins with a single Thought.

NOw it is true that Satan knows that it is far worse to give people bad knowledge than for them to be completely ignorant. Wrong information is worse than no information. And so God shines His LIght on the World to give us Good Information and highlight all the bad information we have been given. Thus, we can make proper correction. I thought about before, in 2003, when through prayer and meditation i saw into a world of a sea of evil beings. And in the far off distance, i began to sense the Presence of Light. A bright Light in a sea of darkness. It was approaching me, and as it did, all the evil beings in the sea of darkness that surrounded me scattered, like someone turned on the light and all the cockroaches scrambled to get away. Then, as the Light approached me, i could sense it was coming directly towards me, and it did. And then it was so bright, all i could do was look down, and squeeze my eyes closed as tight as i could, but it was still so bright , the Light permeated everything. And i felt very impure and unclean. I stood there, head down, in the Presence of the Light and I had the Understanding then, that no evil is allowed in the Presence of Pure Goodness. And i feel that is why humans are separated from the sight of God, for now. Because we have some evil in us, because we are unholy, unclean and impure, we are not allowed in the presence of Pure Goodness. It just cannot be. Before we can go before the Presence of Pure Goodness, we must first be Cleansed.

I am beginning to think that when we die, we will shed our animal bodies, and fly away. The ancient natives of america held beliefs that the Milky Way is the path that Souls take when they die and go to Heaven. I thought to myself, how could they know this? and I understood. Someone told them. What will it be like when we die, if we fly off up into space to go to Heaven? I don’t know. According to Scripture, some people will be met by powerful Angels, and be taken into custody right away, because of their actions here on EArth. According to Scripture, there are beings in custody right now in Heaven, awaiting their Court appearance on Judgement Day, when we shall all receive our Judgement, for all we have done, Good and Bad. And where powerful angels tremble in fear before the Lord, men of Earth should take heed.


The Hidden Meaning in Plain View

27 Apr

April 26, 2014

I was thinking about all the problems i have been having late night at the laundromat. And my Mother told me, that just because i am not afraid of the crazy people at the laundromat, that does not mean that i shouldn’t try to avoid them. It’s only common sense. I feel tough enough, but then i realize, i’m not very tough. And in fact, i have to rely on Jesus, because i am so weak. And i feel more dependence on Jesus, because of my weakness. And also, i begin to understand the relationship that Jesus has in my Heavenly Family better. Which, as i understand it, Jesus has been appointed the Manager, by God. He is our go-between to Management. Jesus understands what it is like to be a human and He knows exactly what we all go through. So we can have complete confidence in Jesus. He is our Best Friend, as well, so we can rely on Him for everything.

Earlier i was thinking about the law of conservation of energy, and what that means to me. Now certainly, it means that when we die, our energy does not simply disappear. It cannot. It can only change it’s form. This means that you can’t “kill” anything. You can only make it change it’s form. Thus, we will be transformed. This is what Paul talks about in the Scriptures – that we will be transformed. And that we will be like the Angels, neither being married nor given in marriage. So i believe this means that we will no longer be in animal bodies with animal instincts. What kind of bodies will we be in? I don’t know. What ever God gives us, i suppose. I imagine we will be like the Angels, and have wings and be able to fly. Somewhat like a worm emerging from a cocoon, only to discover they have wings and can fly. Wouldn’t that be amazing and spectacular!

I also began to understand how Thought is a very powerful process. Then i realized by using our Thoughts to Pray, we create the most powerful force we can. Prayer.

First, We Must Learn Our Lessons

26 Apr


April 26, 2014 First We Must Learn Our Lessons DMP, GCE and the Equals Sign

Back in 1979 when i graduated high school i joined the Navy with the promise of going to electronics technician school. After that, i also attended some other schools in the navy, some of which were the naval nuclear propulsion school and also a pre-school for nuclear propulsion school. The pre-school was about 12 weeks i think to get us up to speed in the physics and math we were going to use in the upcoming naval nps school. To me, as a kid just out of high school, it was pretty intimidating. I started my math and physics classes, these were college level courses, and the instructor was going so fast, and i didn’t understand what he was saying, quite often. And so i watched in horror as the instructor was going through all these math and physics that i didn’t understand, and the only thing i could think of – is that i was going to fail this course! It was a scary feeling. I’ve almost always been afraid of failing, my whole life. But this was different. I just knew i was never going to make it through this course. So, after the second day, i went to the counselor’s office, and i told the counselor that i wanted to drop out, or change courses. Which, of course, you can’t, when you’re in the Navy. Well, the counselor told me , if i don’t understand something, i need to ask the instructor a question. He was quite reassuring, and he told me the instructor would be happy to clear up anything i don’t understand. And he told me something very important – Don’t be afraid to ask questions. And i realized, that was part of my problem, was that i was afraid to ask questions. But then i knew i had to, because there were certain things i didn’t understand. And so after that, i did ask questions in class, and the instructor explained things to me very clearly, so that i did understand. Then, after that, i did pass the class, and the year long propulsion school, after that. And that is something i have kept and used in every class i ever took since – Don’t be afraid to ask questions. And now i see, it is the same with God. God says, Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is how we Learn. Understanding and Peace of Mind go hand in hand. If you want something, you must ask for it.

After pre-school, we began our 12 month nuclear propulsion schooling, which was chemistry, physics, math and electronics. My physics instructor had his certain ways of doing things, as many instructors have their own style of teaching. One of the ideas my physics instructor had was something that he called the Dead Mouse Principle or DMP for short. This is something that he used to grade our exams, to see if we were grasping the concepts he was teaching. And what he meant by DMP, is let’s say you are a chef in a big kitchen. And you are going to have a big inspection coming up, to inspect your kitchen. Let’s suppose you prepare for the inspection very thoroughly, and spend hours and days cleaning all the cupboards and pots and pans and everything spotlessly, and the kitchen is immaculate. But, on the day the inspector shows up, a mouse runs out onto the floor and dies. Then when the inspector walks in, the first thing he sees is the dead mouse. And that’s it – automatic failure. It doesn’t matter how much work was put into cleaning the kitchen. And so he said it was the same for our equations. Because we had to work out these ridiculously long math equations for nuclear physics. And if he saw right off the bat that we were missing an important concept, then he would write DMP on our exam and we would get that answer wrong. In other words, he could tell right away by looking at our equations if we understood what we were doing, or not. I thought about that in my life, and God. Is there a Dead Mouse in my life? When God comes and examines my life, will he see a Dead Mouse? I hope not. I am trying to keep my kitchen as clean as i can.

Another idea my physics teacher had he called GCE. This stands for Gross Conceptual Error. And if he wrote this on our physics exam, that meant we had a completely wrong understanding of the question and or the answer. We were making a gross error in concept. In other words, we got the answer completely wrong because we didn’t understand the question. This he also used while grading our exams. These ideas were helpful in learning, because it helped us to understand more clearly what was going on. I also thought about people having GCE when it comes to God and the Afterlife. Because if people believe there is no life after death, i believe this is GCE. Well, i hope i don’t have GCE in my life, and i hope i don’t get a DMP either. I always want to be trying harder to be my best. I may have to change my ways from time to time in order to find the better ways to proceed, and show improvement. The idea is not necessarily to be showing constant improvement. Rather, the idea is to be showing constant effort at improvement. In other words, God can see that we are trying.

Now, lets say I got all the mice out of my kitchen, and God shows up to inspect. Hopefully then , i won’t get a DMP, and if i understand everything properly, that is , i have a basic understanding of how things operate, then neither will i get a GCE. Now, so i made it through those two things. Will i still pass the exam? I don’t know. Because i could make a math error or some mistake in my answers. Because there may be 100 questions. Now after i was so scared about failing my pre-school course, and all that i went through, later in the course i had a good surprise. We took an exam, and the instructor held up my exam as an example. And of all the questions, i answered them all properly. I got 100%. However, i still got like 5 points off, because on one of my ridiculously long math equations, i accidentally put an “equals sign” where there was not supposed to be one. What i actually did, was i tried to write in “this implies” symbol, which looks like an equals sign with an arrow on the end. But in my haste i thought an equals sign would be ok. But i lost five points or so for that sign, and missed getting a perfect score on my exam. But i did get the highest score in class, on that exam. Now, looking back, i wonder how long it took for the instructor to find that equals sign. He literally had to look through all of my handwritten equations to find that. And i think our lives will be examined the same, by God. Not only is God looking for DMP and GCE, He is going to go through all of our works, very closely, and look at everything, even down to the equals signs. So i hope i will always be trying my best, and trying to make improvements. Because that is what it is all about. Learning our Lessons. And not being afraid to ask questions. Because that is how we receive Understanding and Peace of Mind. And this way, we can show Improvement in our lives.


The Wages of Sin is Death

26 Apr

April 25, 2014 The Wages of Sin is Death

Now i got to thinking about how foolish people can be sometimes. And how easy they can be tricked. Before, i thought the greatest deception ever done by Satan to humans, is that Satan spoofed his identity. I still believe that he did, but also, now i believe the greatest trick Satan played on humans is telling people or making them believe that there is no tomorrow, or that tomorrow does not exist, after we die. Now, what kind of fool would we be, if we lived our life everyday as if there were no tomorrow, or that the consequences of today do not carry over to tomorrow. We would cause ourselves big problems, most likely. Yet, that’s what many people have been fooled into believing. That there is no tomorrow, when you die, you just go to sleep and you don’t have to worry about anything you did on Earth. Now, i don’t fall for such foolishness, not in my daily living here on Earth, nor in my belief about whether there will be a “tomorrow” after i die the physical death. Now, anybody with the knowledge level of high school or GED should be able to tell you that it defies the laws of physics, to say that something can exist today, and not exist at all tomorrow. It is called the law of conservation of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It exists, and can only change in form. It is impossible for energy to just “disappear”. And yet, many people believe that it does when they die. Maybe they want to believe it, or they really do just think there are no consequences for their actions, just because they are unable to comprehend it. Or maybe they just hope there is no life after death. Maybe they are just really stupid. People may think that there is no tomorrow, after they die. But if they read the Bible, they can discover that there is life after death. And not only that, everyone is going to go to Court and receive Judgement for their lives here on EArth and their words and actions. If anybody comes around telling you that you can do anything you want, and not ever have to worry about it, that there are no consequences for your words and actions, I suggest you think about that very seriously, before you accept it as True. The wages of sin are death, and so are the consequences of foolishness.

My Cross

25 Apr


April 25, 2014 My Cross

On the way home last night i was thinking about my situation, and i realize i have my burden to bear. It is my Cross. And so i don’t want to complain and whine. It’s not something i want to do begrudgingly. Nor should i feel sad or depressed because Jesus didn’t whine and complain about carrying His Cross. It’s something that i should be joyful in. BEcause i am doing it for God. After all God has done for me, for all the blessings i have been given and received, the least i can do is carry the small burden i have been given to carry. I should do it because i love God, and i am thankful for it. Mother Teresa once said that we can do no great things. We can only do small things with Great Love. And so i feel that carrying my cross is a small thing i can do with Great Love for God. I have begun to notice, similar to what Albert Einstein was similarly quoted as saying, is that you can tune into any frequency you want in the universe, and when you do you will get the exact result of whichever frequency you tune into. What ever you wish. For, as the example i have just shown is, that at first i was feeling like i had a heavy load, a big burden, a sadness to bear, etc. And yet, by searching around for different ways to think about my situation, it turned into something that made me feel better and also gave me better understanding.
And so on the drive home i remembered the words of my ten year old neighbor friend, when she was growing up. If ever i started whining or complaining about something, she would always tell me It sucks to be you. That would always put me in my place. And i thought, yes, it does suck to be me, sometimes. But most of the time, it does not. God has given me a very wonderful life. I hope that i can give God some of the Glory that God deserves so much.

Yes, life is a learning and growing process. I thought, how can i feel sorry for myself, with all the luxuries of life i have – food, clothing, shelter, transportation. I have everything i want, and then some. I have a very easy life. And yet, if you listen, you may hear a million crying babies. They are not that far away. While americans watch the simpsons and south park and live in a land of delusion, millions of people are starving and dying of exposure and war, not that far away. Many of the victims are children. Yet, americans just ignore them. I would hope that americans would help their brothers. All of them. Because, if something happened to america, i would hope that our brothers would also help us. If all the brothers of the world helped take care of each other, there would be no want.



They Call it Junk DNA, but I Call It Junk Science

24 Apr

April 24, 2014 They Call it Junk DNA, I Call it Junk Science

Well it’s back to the coast for work, and so Wednesday night i went to do laundry about my usual time, 10-11pm, after work. I like to do laundry at this late hour in hopes there won’t be anyone there and i can just do my laundry in peace. Lately i have been having run ins with crazy folks who wander into the laundry late at night while i am trying to do my laundry in peace. Instead of getting less, every time i do laundry it seems to get worse, with more crazier people and more violent. Until last night, some drunk guy was being weird in the laundromat and i just ignored him and did my laundry. Then, after my clothes were dry, i began to fold them. Thats when the drunk guy came over to me and started telling me it’s late to be doing my laundry, and he was telling me some drunken stuff. And i just ignored him. Then he said, don’t you hear me talking to you? and he was standing right next to me. So i told him loudly and clearly, get away from me. Don’t touch me. Well, he apparently was low on reasoning ability, and so he began to tell me lets go outside and fight, and i kept folding my laundry. Well, after i wouldn’t go outside and fight him, he said, Ok then i will just take your stuff. And he picked up my pile of clean clothes i had just folded, and walked off with my laundry. Well, i had given him fair warning, and he didn’t listen. So i went and a scuffle ensued and i took my laundry back. This guy was so drunk and stupid he was running around my truck, he kicked in the door and broke the windshield washer and i had to chase him off with a stick. I made it out of there finally, with all my clothes and went to make camp. I felt bad, because i am trying to be closer to God. I am trying to win favor with God. I don’t want to be fighting with people and being involved with craziness and violence. So i prayed to God, and i changed my prayer a little bit, so now i pray that Satan will be removed from my body, my thoughts, and my feelings, and my general area. Because i try to keep to myself, and i don’t go to places where trouble happens, and i never go looking for trouble. I told God i don’t want to be fighting anyone, and neither do i wish to be assaulted and harassed. But i have been under attack for years, the worst part of it when i worked at the motel. And so i prayed to God for understanding about this. I keep trying harder every day, but these things still happen to me. Why?

Today i began to have better understanding. God said that two people scrapping a bit, is like when one dog goes after another dog’s food. Sometimes they snap, at each other. God said that people are animalistic in nature. I thought why are people animalistic? Well, it could be because people were put into animal bodies. What if God created Spirits, and gave them birth. What is the first thing He would do, to see if they were Good Spirits, or Evil spirits? He would probably test them out, maybe by putting them into something relatively weak, like a human animal. OUr bodies are animal bodies essentially. We were given animal, or body, instincts. As well, we were also given emotional instincts and Spiritual instincts. I thought, if God created these spirits and put them into human bodies then over time, as they grew and developed, God could establish contact and have communications with His Children He put here on Earth and loves so dearly.

Now some of the people will follow their Spiritual instincts and some will not. Those folks follow their animal instincts instead. And by not having Spiritual Good Health, by not having God in their lives, they leave their spirits open to control by evil spirits instead. And so those folks end up being basically just mean animals. Now i realize a lot of the warfare is Spiritual, and it does break out into the physical world sometimes. And so i thought i will just command these evil spirits away, such as Jesus has provided us. But then i remember, only Jesus can rebuke some spirits, only through fasting, or only by a Master, can some spirits be removed, for they are much stronger than average person. So, since i don’t know how to fast, and i am no master, i pray to Jesus that He will rebuke Satan and keep satan’s little buddies away from me as much as possible. Now i keep trying harder, and if i don’t find success one way, then i will change my Prayer until i do find success. I may have to change my habits, but i need to remember Jesus told us to be as cunning as a serpent, but innocent as a dove. As sheep among wolves.

I have so much to be thankful for, and i give thanks everyday. That is also another daily prayer that i have. Thankfulness. Today i tried on my new backpack from the surplus store. I really like it! It’s so light that after i wore it around a few minutes, i forgot i had it on. It is called an assault pack, but the only thing i am going to assault is trails. I am looking forward to going hiking again.


Picnic in the Park

24 Apr


April 23, 2014

Another nice morning at the campground! Today i have to leave and head back to the coast. I saw the birds were looking around this morning, so i thought they were looking for some more popcorn. So made them another batch, because they never had popcorn before, and i don’t know when they will get some again. So i made some coffee, and then the plan is to head into the big city and find an army surplus store. I sure had a nice trip over here. It’ is a beautiful country, and very nice place to visit and explore. I have seen things i have never seen before over here. It’s very amazing. The nice thing is, it’s close enough, i can visit nearly anytime i wish.

So that was the plan for today, go to the army surplus store. Because She told me, the new hoodie i picked out is too flimsy, and the pocket already ripped out. So She told me to go to army surplus store and pick out a new coat. And also, i saw a backpack i liked, and She said i can get it too. So i got a watch cap, a coat and a backpack at the army surplus store. I like that store. They have everything – wool clothes, new and surplus, wool blankets, coats, raingear, boots gloves. Alot of outdoor stuff, including books about hiking in Oregon, in the Gorge, and waterfall hikes etc. As well as tents, and boats etc. I didn’t even have time to look at all the stuff they have. But if you ever get a chance, i suggest you should go there. The name of the store is Andy & Bax in Portland. Also i got a new small pack for my shower kit, because my other one ripped out. So now i have some new gear, and i know where to get more if i need any. Also, they have hand grenades and military patches etc if you like that kind of stuff.

Then, i remembered, after the surplus store then we are going to stop by the internet center and check up on the news and such. It is a pretty rainy day, so it’s a good day to read the news. Even though it is rainy, i like it very much.

All this rain makes me think about what Brandon told me at work. Brandon said they have this new kind of stuff that is like a wonder chemical, and if you spray it on your shoes, no dirt or nothing can stick to your shoes. He told me this because he just bought new shoes out of the catalog, and they already got scuffed up. He said if you stay up late and watch tv, you will see shows about this new wonder stuff, and he said you can spray it all over you, and no dirt can get on you. He said, if he would have been thinking, he would have got some of that new wonder stuff and put it on his shoes when they were new. Sounds like some kind of wonder, thats for sure. He also told me he saw a report that said oranges aren’t really that good for you, and they just rot out your teeth. I wonder where he is getting his information from. I just don’t know what they are teaching the kids nowadays.