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There is an Answer for Everything

31 Mar

March 30, 2014

Even more things i read in wonder about, in the Book of Revelations, are the seven spirits before God’s Throne. I remember before, i wondered who and what those seven spirits were. Now i Know. I read about the seven angels of the Heavenly Father in the Essene Gospel. I remember looking up that before, and wondering, and i couldn’t figure out who the seven spirits were. However, God has given me that answer. Along with many more answers.

Before, i was thinking about how humans are simply what i would consider “educated beasts of the Earth”. Humans are not very clean, we are covered in bacterias and germs and the Earth is dirty and we are part of the Earth. And then i was thinking, who is the dirtiest, stinkiest of all? It is Satan of course. Where God stands for everything Good and Pure and Clean, Satan is a dirtbag that stands for everything dirty and nasty. Satan is responsible for all the diseases and sicknesses, and even death. Not God. And, not only is Satan responsible for physical death, but Satan can also cause us to have Spiritual Death. And that is what people who hang out with Satan get. Diseased. Sick. Dead. It even says in the Bible that Satan and all his angels and followers are going to be sent to Death. So anyone who doesn’t believe this would be calling Jesus a liar. Now, it would take someone extremely foolish to do something that ridiculous. In fact, only a total idiot would do that. And follow Satan to a sure death. It’s pretty unbelievable that anybody could be that stupid and ridiculous. But i guess if Satan can trick 33 percent of the angels, he may be able to trick a certain percentage of people as well.

One of the amazing things i recently learned about in my Peace Books is how when we eat fruit, and nuts and food from nature, we are eating from the Lord’s Table. And this is very Holy. I am amazed how i can receive life energy from food. And i thought about how delicious apples and fruit and nuts are to me now. And it makes perfect sense. Because no one can make better food than God. All those artificial flavors and colors, all those chemicals aren’t even food. So i can’t expect a bunch of garbage and chemicals to taste better than God’s Food. So now i am more thankful for my food. And i pray that God will bless my food and use it to make me healthy and happy so that i can live my life to represent God as best as i can.

Well, now i got my new job, i really like it. But it gets tough at times. And i realized, it’s just like my old job. I seem to be under spiritual warfare where ever i go. Just like my old job, now some of my new co-workers are already against me and don’t like me and complained against me. Even though i am trying to get along with everyone. As always. And then some of the customers, just like my old job, seem to be out just to harass me. So, it’s just like before. Which i expect. Mostly people are nice, but some people don’t seem to have much sense. Like the lady who was walking around the gas station smoking cigarettes. And my goofy co-worker who brought army demolitions ignitors to work to show off. Now who in their right mind would bring explosives to work at a gas station? It seems the more i work around the general public, the more i feel the need to watch out for people. Because some people are so silly they are dangerous.

I have more to write about, but i have to get it organized first. Work is very distracting from my spiritual world. Work has a way of trying to take over my whole life. It feels like i am either at work, or else, if i am not at work i am thinking about work, or planning on work, or getting ready to go to work. It seems never ending. I wish i had more time to devote to God entirely. But the physical world is very distracting. So i have to work to make time For God and spend as much time as i can in thought and Prayer to God. I feel especially at this late stage of my life, i have only a small portion of my life i can devote to God. And i wish it was more.

Rainbow Season

29 Mar

March 28, 2014

Well i have been thinking about a lot of things. I started to read Revelations again, and it makes a lot more sense to me now than a year ago. For example, i was fascinated to read about the Rain bow that looks like an emerald, surrounding God’s Throne. And, i understand it better now. For example, i don’t think the letters to the churches are only intended for the individual churches. But i believe the messages to each of the churches i can also accept as also indicating me. For example, when God tells one church that they lost the love they first had. That can also be a message to me. And then i understood God said, don’t lose what i had gained, or been given. And for me, that can mean, as one example, my closeness to God. So it is important for me to read all the messages, and learn as much as i can. Jesus said If you love Me, you will follow my commandments. So i try to learn all of Jesus’ commandments.

Yesterday, i did see a rainbow. It was a bright one too. But i was at work and didn’t have time to watch for long. But it was very nice to see! I was told when i was small that a Rainbow is God’s Promise. And i know God always keeps all God’s Promises.

Now one thing i didn’t think about before, but i did now. And it is about the Christians who , unlike me, have been Christians for more than one year. Now i don’t consider myself a real priest. But i like to think i am studying to be one. I want to be one, although i am not worthy. But i can read about it. But that’s not what i was going to say about the Christians who have been Christians for many years. And that i wanted to say to them, that this is a message to them, directly from the Bible, that God has seen your patient endurance. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. I was thinking about all the poor Christians, who were practicing Christians before it was popular, and cool. Those poor guys, who had to endure the many years of hardships of being Christians in America. I can only imagine it takes a strong belief, and courage of convictions, for many Christians to endure the suffering associated with being Christians. For example, having to be humiliated by having the likes of comrades in Christianity as Pat Baker, and the television evangelists, Jim Baker i mean, Tammi Faye Baker. Being ridiculed for being associated with total fools, and also the evangelists who blatantly take the donations and build themselves mansions with the money. For me, personally, that was why i could never believe in Christianity. The popular Christians gave it such a black eye. Caused by the mainstream media. It reminds me of the Latin saying A careless friend can cause more damage than a hundred enemy. So the perserverance, and quiet patient endurance that many Christians have been going through for many years has not gone unnoticed. And i just wanted to point that out. I am that message.

I was thinking about seeing God, and what God must look like. And i remember Corinthians 13 says now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face. I was thinking about that, and i also realized, there is nothing on Earth that is Holy. Nothing we can see, that is. For everything on EArth is going to rust, fade, mold, rot, and fade away eventually. So there is nothing that we can see that is Holy. And i believe that is why people should never make idols. But that’s not why. Because now i understand why Solomon said that worshipping idols is the first step to all the other sins. Because that means when people have completely lost all contact with God, and have no idea what is really Holy, then they start worshiping pieces of painted wood and other unholy dirty things. And that means people who practice idolatry have no idea who God is, and that is why it leads to all the other sins. Because people don’t know God. I thought about it, and to me, i think a sunset is Holy. Or, rather, it is a Holy Works. I can’t see God, here on EArth. But i can see His Works. Like when people go to the art museum, and look at an art picture. They say, Oooh look at that artist, he’s really good. Or whatever. In the same way, when people look at a sunset, or they look at a mountain lake, or a snow covered forest, they can see that it was the Artwork of God, and it is very majestic. They can see the Beauty of God in nature, in animals, in the mountains and everywhere. But even so, i do not worship the Works of God, but rather I worship God only. But i still can view His Works as Holy. At least to me.

I thought about what people do worship here on EArth. And one thing people seem to worship sometimes, are Jesus, as i stated above. Thank you to the Christians who have been practicing for many many years ! But sometimes people seem to worship other people for example. Rock stars, movie stars etc. Now that’s nice. But people get carried away and they don’t realize that people are not in and of themselves, Holy. For example, if you took the most beautiful woman in the world and put her in a room for three days with no running water, then you would discover she is not holy, she is more like the beasts of the Earth than she is holy. As we all are. So i think people worship some things without realizing, they are not Holy things. Only God is Holy.

I also thought about learning to control my actions with reason and thought, as opposed to feelings or emotions. I like that teaching that EArth Mother showed me. I also learned that my exterior reflects what is going on in my interior. For example, i can’t be calm on the outside, unless i am first calm on the inside. Because that is where calm comes from. So the idea is to become calm on the inside, and then maintain that interior calm. Which is then reflected on the exterior. And then, i can, with faith and belief, become a gushing fountain of inner calm. I just maintain my inner calm by reacting to the world around me with reason and thought, instead of by animal instinct and emotions and feelings. I have so many things to be thankful for. God has truly blessed me very greatly indeed. My Mother has been teaching me many things. Patience. Temperance. Prudence. One thing God showed me was really scary. Previously, God has blessed me by showing me a small bit of how much God Loves me. And it was very overwhelming. And then the other day, God showed me a small feeling of what it feels like to be forsaken by God. That is the worst feeling i could ever have. The feeling of complete abandonment by God. It is not a feeling that anyone should ever have. If you ever have that feeling, you may have an idea what it feels like to experience complete nothingness. Complete and total emptiness. Of everything. And worst of all, no hope of anything.

Yes, i believe as far as feeling inner calm, that feeling anything besides complete calm, is an imbalance. Feeling anger, fear, even happiness, seems to be an imbalance from complete inner calm. If we are completely confident that we are doing our best, and trying our hardest, then we wouldn’t feel guilty, for example. I thought about how does a lie detector work? It works, i believe, because people have a conscience. And i believe people have built into their conscience, the knowledge of right and wrong. And when people lie, or try to cover up something the did they know was wrong, they have a physical reaction that they cannot hide. And i do believe this is true. And i believe, it is Written in the Stars.

Field Trip to Saddle Mountain

25 Mar


March 23, 2014

Sometimes God is like a little bird to me. I Know She is near, i can Hear Her very clearly. But i just can’t see Her.

It’s important to try and understand the Laws. Because no matter what laws there are, there are consequences and sometimes penalties for breaking them. Such as the laws of Nature, the laws of men, or God’s Laws.

Some people may wish that they could ascend to be considered a ‘master’. My greatest wish is that i could be a servant of God.

March 25, 2014

Today, God taught me to pray this Prayer

Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, and Jesus, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done. On Earth, as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our Daily Bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Yesterday i went over to Saddle Mountain and hiked up to the top. It’s pretty steep and i had to stop several times along the way. So about every 60 minutes i would take a ten minute break. Mostly, i didn’t want to ask God for anything. I just wanted to give Thanks to God, for i have been so very blessed. Even though i was so bad, and i did so many bad sins, God even forgave me, and allowed me to be forgiven, and help God be His servant, in some small way. And that is very humbling. For me, it is very easy to believe in God, because i have seen the Hand of God, i have Heard God’s Voice. And i guess if God picks you up by the back of the neck like a little kitten and shakes you around and makes you do things, it’s probably easier to believe.

It was pretty hard work going up that hill yesterday. But i kept on going, and i thought about it and i realized i needed Will power to make it up the hill. Like i was reading about in the Essene Peace Books. And that was one of the things i wanted to tell God thanks for, because i remember last year
God told me i was too much of a hothead sometimes. Because my emotions control me instead of me controlling my emotions. Well, i know God already fixed me, and helped me quit drinking a long time ago. And i know God helped me to quit smoking, over night. So i know, God could wave Her Magic Wand (if She has one) and make me whole again. Or She could make me control my emotions instead of them controlling me. So i sometimes wondered, why did God not just ‘fix’ me? Hmmm. However, now, almost one year later, i understand. God told me about my emotional control issue, and then over the course of the next few months God gave me Wisdom and Understanding and the knowledge to learn how i can fix this issue. By following the Essene Gospel of Peace i can find peace. True peace. It’s so amazing, God told me how i can fix myself. It’s so amazing to me, it boggles my mind. I tried to think back about everything i have learned in the past year, and it truly is amazing. Sometimes i feel like i am juggling a thousand thoughts at any given moment. And i wonder what would happen if all the thoughts just crashed.

I made it to the top, and there waiting for me was a little tweety bird, and there were also two ravens flying around in the wind. It was pretty neat to watch them. The raven flew right over my head. He was so close, i felt like i could just reach my hand up to him. I sure do see a lot of ravens. One morning a raven was in the tree right above where i was camping and he woke my up by his sound. I thought about the birds. And God’s Messages. And God’s messengers. The meaning of Angel is messenger, i believe. And so, if little birds do relate messages from God, then they would be considered messengers of God. Which is the meaning of Angels, i believe. Other than that, i can’t figure out how to describe the animals working with God. Or what it means, exactly.

I was wondering about eating meat, and if it’s ok. I think it is OK by God to eat meat. Because, previously God told me, She said i can eat as much as i want of anything that i want. For me, personally, however, i had just one day decided to eat as i do. In the same manner in which i quit smoking over night, i also changed my diet over night. And since i give God complete control over me and my diet, i try to listen carefully and follow strictly what ever i feel God is telling me. Because if God only wants me to eat certain foods, then i should listen closely and follow the diet. Because i know God knows exactly what i need to eat, and how much, and i don’t want to mess up the recipe. But for me personally, i was never asked to change my diet, but i want to do everything i can, as much as i can, in every possible way, to gain favor with God, and try to discover the best way to be as i can. And i think this applies to everyone. Not everyone may aspire to be a priest, or may not be able to. Not everyone is supposed to be a priest. So if i have any questions, i just remember when God told me, i can eat as much as i want of anything i want. And even Jesus , i remember somewhere in the Bible, He said some people were talking about eating different things and so forth, and Jesus said Don’t worry about it. So i don’t.

Now that’s just for me, personally. In all things, the only Way to find the Truth, the only Place to find the Answer, is through God, in Prayer.
So any questions we have, we can always ask God for answers. And He will give us answers. He may give us a tsunami of answers.

I was glad when i reached the top of Saddle Mountain and i had a look around. Then, i started walking back down the hill, 2.5 miles to the parking lot and campground. It was hard work going up, but pretty easy going down. And that’s when i noticed, walking makes me happy. I felt happy after walking up there. I felt like God smiled on me. And so it was more fun going down the hill. I sometimes want to race, for some reason. I have to learn to slow down, and take my time more.

That’s like the other night, when i went walking with Orion. It was really neat. I went to the beach about 11 pm. It was a clear night and i can see all the stars clearly. When i walked down to the beach where the waves come in and make the sand wet, it was like walking on glass. There i was with Orion and all the stars above me, i’m walking on the reflection of Orion and all the stars in the sand. It was like i was walking along in the middle of space, with stars above me, and below me. When i would walk, Orion would walk. When i would stand still, so would Orion stand still. It’s really fun.

I thought about the Communions with the seven Angels of the Heavenly Father and the seven Angels of the EArthly Mother, and then i realized, there are no communions in there for Jesus. But then i realized, even so, the Communions have not changed. Now i just need to have separate time to think about and Pray to Jesus. Because of all the Members of my Heavenly Family, i do not want to neglect any. Because, they are like my earthly family and brothers. Before i was rude to some people, and i used to look down on rich folks, and tv stars and whatnot. But now i realize, i don’t any more. Because these politicians, and tv stars, and rich folks, and every one, these are all my brothers. And i love them all the same. Because of all my brothers, none are less than the others. And so now i apologize to all these folks i may have previously offended, and now i will pray for all my brothers and sisters the same. Because i love them all the same.



The Sound of Silence

22 Mar

Funny. After all this time on vacation and traveling around, now i rented a room in a house by the Sea. And so it seems,  after a few months, i am living next to the ocean again. I like it. It just seems funny to me.

March 22, 2014

The Bible says In the beginning was the Word. People mistakenly change the meaning of The Word, to the Sound. Which i believe is incorrect. It clearly states Word.

To me, that means in the beginning was Thought. And Thought created the Earth. Because i believe Thought is a better translation of the meaning of Word than is Sound. Because i know God spoke to me in complete silence. I heard Him very loudly and clearly, but it was Spoken in complete silence. It was in Thought that God spoke to me.

Or , rather that God created the world with Thought.

What ever a man thinks about, that is what he will do.

Otherwise, the SCripture would have to say, In the beginning was something to make Sound . . .

I have been reading my Peace Books from the Essenes, and a couple of their ideas really stand out to me. One of which is the idea they had that there is other life in the Universe, besides just on Earth. And also, their teachings of 7 Angels of the Heavenly Father and the 7 Angels Earthly Mother and how to find inner and outer Peace, seem to correspond directly to the 7 chakra system of energy centers. And this i find amazing, that Moses brought us these teachings. And also i find it amazing that Jesus was a Master of the Essene system. Which is controlling our 7 energy centers or chakras. I believe these teachings still survive, in various forms and various explanations. But i also believe that all these partial systems are based on the original Essene gospel teachings. So that i believe the Essenes were teaching the earliest known teachings of the 7 chakras.

I have only been eating fruit and nuts and cheese and crackers. But after working i needed more energy so i started also eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I thought about killing animals for food, and i realize that it is totally useless killing. Because man can live on fruit and vegetables and nuts. So i wondered, why do people kill animals for food? Do they think they need to, or they just prefer to eat meat because they like it better. Not only is it senseless killing, since man can survive without killing animals for food, but it is also against God’s Law.

The Commandment said Thou shalt not kill. It didn’t specify a difference. I am not sure that means don’t kill people And don’t kill animals. But personally i don’t see much difference between the two.

Jesus’ Search and Rescue Mission for the Lost Sheep

19 Mar

March 18, 2014

I just wonder how animals communicate so well. Like how does a mother deer teach it’s babies how to live, and how to survive. Baby deers don’t go to kindergarten school and learn how to read and write. So how does their mother talk to them? How can they understand what their mother is saying? They must have some kind of telepathy. I think animals can communicate without words. One thing i thought of is how Scripture says that God has eyes and ears all over the earth. I wonder if that means animals.

Another thing i thought about today – Life is not a video game. It is a matter of Life and Death.

I thought about praying to God for as much strength as i can get. Then i realized it’s not like i can pray to God and ask Him to make me into superman, then i will pray to God in a few days when i need something else. No, it’s not like that. In order to have Strength and stay strong, i need to remain close to God. Being close to God and remaining in favor with God is how we access great strength. And the more we mature, the more we grow, the more responsibility we show, then the more strength we are entrusted with. It’s a daily renewal , it’s a constant dialogue , it’s being in constant contact with God that we reach our highest potential.

Sometimes i like to play a game with Earth Mother. It’s called Where is EArth Mother? And how we play is, at first, i don’t know where She is. I will go out to the woods or the field or garden and look for Her. And it will be completely silent. No sound of birds or any thing. So then i start looking for Her. And soon, if i keep looking , then i will always find Her! It’s a fun game. And i’m always very happy when i find Her. Sometimes She is hiding from me. And sometimes, She lets me find Her.

I was thinking about our EArth Mother. She is so beautiful! She must be, because She is every color of the RAinbow! And so i asked Her, how beautiful She must be, and if i will ever be able to see Her. She said Yes, someday i will be able to see Her! I asked Her when can i see Her? I asked Her why do i have to wait so long? Why can’t i see Her now? She said, I can’t see Her yet, because it’s not time yet. But She said, It’s not a long time. She said, Just you wait and See! So i said OK. Now i am going to wait and See. But i told EArth Mother i am excited to see Her, but also  a little bit scared too. And She said Don’t worry about anything. However, it makes me a little nervous. And so i am going to be as good as i can, until i do see Her. And i hope i will be ready ! And i will keep trying as hard as i can. 

Waging Peace

17 Mar

March 16, 2014

I had some stuff i was going to write about. But, i changed my mind about it, and decided to change it a bit. Because it’s better if i go about provoking peace. I read Proverbs and God tells us that it’s better not to stir up trouble. And then i was reading the Peace Books too. And that helped me . So, rather than stir up trouble i decided it’s better if i don’t. I was mostly the past few days just thinking about all the things God has told me, and the amazing things. I keep thinking about them. It’s very amazing to me. And also, i have been dealing with my own personal struggles with God for myself. Not much, but, sometimes i get impatient, and i throw a fit, or act out. Why? Well, i guess what i do is i told God i will go anywhere and do anything for God. And i will. But my only issue is if i can do it without complaining. Which i mostly do. But sometimes, if i get tired, i act like a baby. Then, later i feel terrible about it. And God told me about being spiritual babies, and how we grow more mature . And so i was whining around, about things, and then after that i thought about it. And i felt terrible, like i was being rebellious to God. And so i prayed to God the next day. And i said God, i am very sorry for acting like a baby and throwing a fit. And i’m not sure why i do that. And i think there is something wrong with me. I’m broken, or something. So i prayed to God that if there is any part of me, of my soul or what ever, that is not 100 percent in complete subjection to God, any part of me that is rebellious against God, or questions God, or is not 100 percent in love with God, that God will cut it out of me, like a tumor. Or a sore. And destroy it, so that there is no part of me whatsoever that is against God. For any reason. And i said to God, God, You who made me to quit drinking just like that, and i never wanted to drink again. And, God, You who made me quit smoking just like that, and i never wanted to smoke again. I said for Someone such as You God, i know You can fix me easily. I know You can. And so i prayed to God to fix me. Whatever is wrong with me. And then, as i thought about it, after praying, i realized suddenly that if i have enough faith that it can happen. And so all i have to do is believe, and God has fixed me. Then i prayed to God that He would give me as much strength as His Will is to give me. And also i prayed to Jesus to rebuke Satan for me. Because i feel kind of alone out here sometimes and it helps me to know that Jesus is also here with me and He is my personal Security Guard. And then Jesus did. But i will write about that later. 

And so, now i feel stronger, and more at peace too. And i feel better because i know Jesus is supporting me as well. And i have been feeling better because i am trying harder. I prayed to God, Please God, i am trying to do my best and i worry sometimes, because i am afraid i could lose what i have been given.
And that’s a big concern. I told God if i stay on EArth too long i might end up making a mistake, or getting faked out and getting tricked, or somehow lose what i have been given.Then God told me, as long as i am trying my hardest, then that would never be a problem.

So i am trying harder. And i am trying to pay attention to the Scriptures and put to use what i have read. Such as learning to promote peace, rather than stirring up trouble. So i am really enjoying God’s Challenge to always keep trying harder. At first, i almost felt like complaining, because it sounded like a lot of work. But now i feel i am making progress. And that makes me want to improve more also. It’s not work. It’s very fun!

I thought about the saying Doctor heal thyself. And i understand it is true. We can actually heal ourselves. Well, we pray to God, and ask Him to heal us. But, it is our own Faith that heals us. So we do heal ourselves. With God’s Help.

One of the things i have learned is how to be strong enough to be kind. And also i was thinking about how the unseen things in our lives are far more important and valuable than the seen things.

Well i enjoy my new job. I enjoy the people. Except it gets really busy by myself sometimes and i try to run ten pumps at a time and keep cars moving. And some people get impatient and angry. I try to keep track as best i can, but i lose track and just try to go as fast as i can. Mostly people are nice. But it seems, as usual, there is about 1 percent of the people who are just jerks. Then, i thought, how great this is. I got a new job, i enjoy it, i can do it reasonably well. So great, it’s working out great! And i fell for it again. I got faked out so many times. Oh, i can’t even say. Every time i have a job and it falls apart, and it never works out in the end. But each time, i get a new job and think, This job is going to work out! but it never does. Now three weeks into my new job, my new manager is mad at me. He texted me the other day and said i was a hundred dollars short. But he offered to help me out and said instead of writing me up and putting it in my record, he said i could just come and pay him a hundred dollars. And no one would ever know i was short, and that would keep me from getting written up. Well i told him, No, do it by the books, write me up, call the supervisor, document everything. Well, he got mad at me and i told him it was probably a math error. So he recounted everything and sure enough, he found an extra hundred dollar bill. So i didn’t have to pay him a hundred dollars. So that was good, but now he’s mad at me because he said i told him he doesn’t know how to do his job. And he said i was fingerpointing and accusing him. So, another job falls through it seems. I thought about this, and i thought about what seems like the complete hopelessness of the situation for me. Every time i get a job, it falls through. And even if i quit or get another job, the same thing happens again. And i thought, why? What’s the point? I don’t get it. I just don’t understand it. And at times, i wonder, should i even keep trying? But then i realize, i am a soldier for God, and i keep plugging along. No matter what happens. And i don’t have to worry, because i know God always takes care of me. So i don’t need to worry about anything. But it’s true, i have no understanding of why of anything. Then that made me realize another saying that i find is also true – that God works in mysterious ways. And so i have better understanding of things i can’t understand.

Well i had prayed to Jesus to help defend me against Satan, and Jesus did. On the 13th i saw several of the brothers from the local Free Masons came around my work. And some of them were showing me their little skull and crossbones wallets, and stickers on their cars and so forth. They were kind of like flashing their little skull symbols like a toy pirate badge. I thought, how cute, these fellers are pretending they got some power with their little toy badges and what not. But i noticed, they didn’t look too good. They kind of looked sickly, and not too well. I had thought they were a powerful organization. But they didn’t look too good. So i will be praying for them, maybe they will find Jesus. And Jesus can heal them, and make them better too. But the thing i noticed about the brothers from the Masons, one of them in particular. The sickest looking one of all. He came in late at night and got some gas. And he was muttering to himself, and doing something. I think he was saying something. But that’s when i knew that Jesus was watching out for me. Because then i realized those sickly fellers with their little pirate badges can’t do anything to hurt me. That’s one thing that we can count on for sure. God is much more powerful and He is not afraid of any goats. And no goat or anyone or anything has any Power to compare to God. So, it is no contest at all.

And only fools would believe anything otherwise.


The Art of Peace

13 Mar


March 12, 2014

Yes, God is very magical! I was thinking about the Rapture, and i read some about it too. In the Bible, Scripture tells us that some people will be alive when the last day arrives, when the Rapture will take place. 1 Thessalonians 4:16 Paul says that those still alive and remain will be also caught up. Now, i’m pretty sure we can’t go to Heaven for the Judgement Day in our physical bodies. So i kind of imagine Jesus waves his “Reaping” tool, and our Souls will be called out of our bodies. So, it could mean that not everyone is going to die, at least in the manner which i usually think of. Jesus is going to raise up his Elect at the End, and i’m not quite sure how. Or what that means. But it sounds like the Elect will be called and raised up by Jesus. So, maybe everyone doesn’t have to die.

Another thing i was thinking about Jesus was how He described the Way. Jesus said Straight is the Gate and narrow is the way to Life. To me, that means, the Way to God is straight-forward. It’s not a narrow winding road. It’s a straight and narrow path. To me that means there is not a lot of deviation from the Path. It means there is No deviation from the path, actually. For example, think of a policy at work. Where they might say, the policy is to only speak to the customer about the cost of the service, and the payment only, and nothing else. You may not speak to the customer unless you are telling them the price or about their change. This would be a straight and narrow policy. And i think it is also similar to Jesus Path. For example, being honest. We would always be honest, no matter what. WE would never vary from that, and say, well, it’s ok to lie now and then, for example. No, there is no variation from the straight and narrow path. So that describes the narrow path. And the straight path as well. So when it comes to being a Christian, and we are faced with trying to live our lives in a Christian manner, a manner of life in which Jesus would approve, we follow the same example. And we don’t deviate from our beliefs or change our behaviour from being obedient to God. In other words, it is similar to saying that in our Christian life, we want to remain focused on our Path and we don’t deviate much in our behaviour. There is no ‘bending of the rules’. Our behaviour should always be straight forward and consistent with Jesus’ Teachings. For example, being kind. Jesus didn’t say to be kind only when we feel like it, but to be kind always. To everyone.

I am really trying to be good , as good as i can. I have already let myself down, and i let God down. And i don’t want to anymore. So, i’m trying to pay attention and do as well as i can in class. And i keep noticing that i keep needing to try harder, and make more improvements. Because i am not perfect. And then i realized, i’m never going to be perfect. No matter how hard i try, i am never going to be as good as Jesus. It’s not possible. So, the best i can do is to try my hardest to be like Jesus. That’s the best i can do. I have to say, i can’t even come close to being like Jesus was. But, i will try my hardest, and do the best that i can. And now i understand why God said, i need to always keep trying harder. Because i never will be perfect, like Jesus. But the harder i keep trying, the better i will become. And i will become the best i can be, when i have tried my very hardest.